You know, or maybe you don’t, Junior, Lady Karma is a tough old broad. And she works in mysterious ways. Somebody, say you, for example, who is tempting fate every single day to have a cocaine induced animated guy stroke, might not want to keep raving like you do about John Fetterman.

And frankly, Junior, I’m not sure you have any business calling anybody a “dumpster fire.” Why don’t you lay off the cocaine animation for a day or two and see how you feel? Maybe the true state of your situation will come to you.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the ne plus ultra of a skillet making an unfavorable commentary about the chafing dish’s complexion.

Look who’s talking, was pretty much the consensus of Twitter.

And so on and so forth.

Keep it up, Junior. Keep raving about subjects of which you know nothing and you might find out that Lady Karma will oblige with a tutorial. It has been known to happen, let’s just put it that way. And the School Of Hard Knocks is in session 12 months year round. It’s always happy to issue a new degree to a dummy. Especially a dummy with zero empathy or compassion, not to mention a petty, mean spirit instead of a soul.

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  1. Amazing. One day, Junior will have a wakening, and it’s not going to be pretty. As the saying goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… I’d love to see him say that stuff to John face to face…

  2. Imma go ahead and say it…..”linguistic ninja” has Dumb Jr listened to herschel walker? His father scammed people with a fake university, his brother, eric “the lesser” ran a sham children’s cancer charity that was shut down ‘cuz of phuqqin fraud, his father paid $130,000 to keep a sidepiece quiet about his small 🍄, his family company defrauded the government by overcharging the SS…….Dumb Jr even cheated on his ex-wife with a blow up doll *at least that’s what she looks like now* this dimwitted muthaphuqqa has the nerve to talk about anyone’s cognitive abilities, when his phuqqin father can’t even pronounce the word “ANONYMOUS.” I wish the muthaphuqqin tRump’s would phuqqin disappear….I swear to Gawd!!!

    OT: I don’t know if I get replies to my comments, I have no idea how to🤭

    • Trump gives any lifeform.with more than two.neurons connected by a spirochete a permanent migraine or the start of an ulcer.

  3. Notice how the only ones now using the term “woke” are Rs? The R linguistic ninjas can’t stop saying woke, pedo, groomer. It must make their tighty-whitey/ panties wet whenever they say those words.

  4. “Everyday you get older. Now that’s a law!” Butch Cassidy trying to talk to the Sundance kid. Never had money but it appears it lulls the stupid to ignore this fact: somewhere in space & time…you’re already dead.


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