I remember when the Lincoln Project got started. I was talking on the phone with another Democrat that very night and we were amazed that politics had gotten to where it had gotten to in this country, when a group of former Republican strategists banded together with the common cause of getting the Democratic nominee elected. We shook our heads. I considered slapping myself in the face with a wet towel.

It was what it was because Republican and MAGA are two different entities. That is still the case, perhaps even more profoundly so.

MAGA doesn’t like Ukraine but MAGA loves them some Vladimir Putin. As you will see here.

MAGA is not only anti-Republican, it is anti-American. MAGA must be defeated.

Here’s today’s press release from the Lincoln Project.

October 18, 2022 – Kevin McCarthy’s indication that he may cut off Ukraine funding will be disastrous to the Ukrainian war effort and shows that anti-democracy forces tightly control the GOP. McCarthy’s capitulation to the right-wing is the final nail in the coffin for Ronald Regan’s vision of America as a ‘Shining City on a Hill’ and a beacon for democracy.

The Lincoln Project is currently running an ad in battleground states showing voters how MAGA Republicans will help Russian dictator Vladimir Putin defeat Ukraine even as he threatens the West with nuclear annihilation.

The ad is running in PA/WI/OH/MI. First-generation Baltic, Slavic, Eastern European who are independents or Republicans in battleground states are being targeted to help move the election. A recent poll from Reuters shows 73% of the public do not want the United States to hand Ukraine over to Russia and understand the need to stand up to Russia in the face of nuclear threats.

“Kevin McCarthy is a weak leader too willing to hand over the reins of governing to the autocrats who do not care about traditional Republican ideals” said Reed Galen, Lincoln Project co-founder. “McCarthy is willing to make a craven deal to sell out the Ukrainians to those who want to destroy democracy just so he can become speaker. The GOP must be prevented from taking control of Congress and must be defeated this November. ”

You heard J.D. Vance say it early on, how he didn’t care about Ukraine. Tucker Carlson is headlining Russian TV night after night. Same thing.

Vote like your life depended on it because it does.

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  1. There was a time we honored the 400,000 dead soliders, sailors & airmen who died to stop fascism from taking over Europe, Asia, & us. Now we elect fascists into power knowing they are out to destroy our republic. Go figure. We are a lost nation it seems. If the voters turn out to stop it then we can avoid what happened to Germany in the 30s.



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