These lunatics are everywhere, unfortunately, in every state in the Union. What is amusing is that people are fighting back, and in a civil way. That’s a good sign. That speaks to the sanity of the American people, a quality I have long worried about.

The video you’re about to see shows a disgruntled worker who refuses to follow the rules and wear a mask at a work site. That then triggers a request from a supervisor that he leave, which causes the MAGA to issue threats. Then it escalates. The MAGAS love to push people around but when people push back and tell them off, oh, their little hot house fee fees are so fragile. You would think they were an exotic breed of orchid.

The other interesting thing here is that if you read the body language, even the workers who don’t speak are pissed. They visible tighten their muscles as the encounter proceeds.

Now the MAGA says that he stormed off a $50 an hour plus benefits job and I frankly question that. That’s some pretty decent bread and I have to believe that anybody with the skills to earn that kind of money would have more sense than to throw a public fit like this and turn that kind of a gig away. Let me put it this way, when there is evidence that that was the money on the table, other than just this guy’s word, then I’ll believe it.

As to not worshipping the almighty dollar, umm…we hate to be the ones to tell you, but the big orange guy you’re following does nothing but worship the almighty dollar. Render unto Donald that which is Donald’s is his motto and he thinks everything is his, excuse me, His.

I don’t know what the pay off is for these people, in making these public scenes. Unless this guy runs for Congress, which is always a distinct possibility. That may be what this is about, exhibiting the requisite trolling skills to become a viable GOP candidate.


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  1. Ummmm how did he manage to get his TRUMP hat logo backwards? Is it on purpose, to be read in the rear-view, or is it a comment on his entire philosophy of life, I wonder.

  2. The guy says he won’t worship false idols. Umm, DJT? That’s what gets me about all the xtians who think a womanizing, lying, thieving, grifter who paints his face orange and wears lifts in his shoes is the second coming. They’ve clearly never read the Bible they claim is the holy guide.

  3. Two things come to mind. First, did this take place in a state where the Two-Party standard (where the person being recorded must consent to being recorded and/or consent to any recording being published in a public forum) because if not and he attempted to get names it would suggest knowledge that he knew he’d need permission to record his stunt. The second is that he took off his mask once back outside to complete his little video. If this goes viral as I gather is happening I’d guess a lot of employers out there will be glad to know this guy on sight. Who would want a head case idiot like this guy working for them?

  4. So, he goes to a job that’s offering $50/hour plus benefits and then says he doesn’t worship the almighty dollar (the one that, by the way, includes the phrase “In God We Trust” on it) so this inquiring mind wants to know why did he go there in the first place?

    Frankly, I’m surprised the supervisor (I guess) didn’t threaten to call the cops on him if he didn’t leave immediately after being “asked” to do so. I know I certainly wouldn’t have put up with his crap

  5. These people are crazy and I believe this story. I know of a guy in the local Army Reserve unit who was a very senior pilot of the AH-64 Apache with a very nice government paycheck to boot. What a dream job for so many to fly those things….well he quit the Army giving up all of his stacked up benefits after over a decade of service because of the vaccine and mask mandates. Not kidding. True story. Man flew hundreds of combat hours over ISIS and the Taliban risking going down and getting captured and beheaded but was afraid of the side effects of the vaccine.

  6. With all these ignorant MFer’s it always comes down to ‘God’ll get you, God’s on my side, I know best what God wants.’ What a moran.

  7. I found the best part was when he said they didn’t love Jesus or the Lord and would feel his wrath. This is my obnoxious Niece From.He’ll in male form. Anti-vaxxing,,anti-gay, homeschooling Young Earth Creationist evangelical Qunt who frequently conflates,Jesus and Trump and who also exaggerates her qualifications and experience.
    So.many idiots. So little time.

  8. Looking at the photo for this article, I guess we don’t have to worry about Covid taking out the rubes-they are walking, and unfortunately, talking heart attacks. Pretty fucking sad to be so damned stupid. As for the ass-hat: $50/hr plus bennies hmmm? For what exactly?

    Good one for the employer however regardless how much they were paying ass clown.


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