Well, at least one Republican is smiling like the Cheshire Cat tonight and that is Elise Stefanik. Word on the street was that if anybody was sticking pins in Kari Lake voodoo dolls, it was Elise. Now that Lake is out of politics — if you can call one race run and lost being “in politics” — Stefanik has no one in front of her as an obstacle to being Donald Trump’s 2024 running mate.

You’ve heard the glad tidings. Katie Hobbs was elected Governor of Arizona.

You’ve read that Lake was advised to chill out and not “storm the castle.” That either didn’t last long or it didn’t sink in to begin with.

Do you love the idiocy? She’s up in arms over people having to wait in line — when the GOP talking point was go to the polls, don’t use mail. And not only go to the polls, go late in the day. Oh, God, the stupidity. It burns, sometimes.

Let’s look on the good side. Kari will either get a job on Fox News, or I should say another job, this time as an opinion talk show host, or she’ll do it at Newsmax.

She can cry wolf all she wants and scream about how the election was botched and unfair and all she’s doing is making an ass out of herself. Speaking of which….

Let us move on to see how Lauren Boebert fares (she’s 1,000 or so votes ahead and the military and provisional ballots not yet counted) and most of all let us prepare to watch Herschel Walker go down in flames.



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  1. Democracy…..It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Congratulations Katie Hobbs and Mark Kelly and Thank you Arizona for kicking Hari Kari Lake to the curb! 🙂 Next….Bring it home, Sen. Raphael Warnock!

    • I was thinking that since Cortez Masto sewed up her seat that the Warnock/Walker race was now of little significance…….I could have not been more wrong.

      With Warnock bringing the 51st seat home, that takes all around DINO and complete pain in the ass and obstructionist Joe “ Why am I a Dem” Manchin to the scrap heap of irrelevancy for at least for two years freeing him to bump uglies with Lynnsie in the cloak closet or whatever he does for kicks with his Republican brethren.


      • Uh, not to rain on your parade but you should remember that Warnock’s “bringing the 51st seat home” is only “51st” WITH Manchin counted.

        • Should Warnock win, the Senate count would be 51 Dem, 49 Pub…..

          ……Manchin votes with the Repugs and all other Dems vote the party line, that makes the vote 50-50 with VP Harris casting the deciding vote……the measure passes, leaving Manchin’s vote meaningless.

          • You make an excellent point, one which has been made many times before. However, the truth is Manchin does have a “D” by his name. So does Sinema. We are blessed in that regard, but it’s a mixed blessing, as you point out.

  2. Lake was a solid fixture on Fox – in Arizona. Prior to this election no one outside that state knew who she was. She’s not ugly, but she’s NOT “blonde & blue” so she was already in poor position to move up to the national Fox level. Now Fox appears to be kicking off divorce proceedings with Trump, the leader of all the election denial bullshit. And AZ was one of the focus points of all the nonsense Trump promoted. It might have died down but Lake got the nod to be the GOP candidate by turning into a Trumpkin. Now, when she could have displayed a little class (and some GOP candidates did) and laid low for a while she’d have been in a good position to remake her image as a humble gal who’d learned her lesson – and tout having come so close to being Governor. That WOULD have set up her up well to take on whomever winds up winning the primary against Sinema. It looks like there were people in her war room setting aside their disappointment and doing just that, but she blew them off. She’s going to wind up with one helluva political hangover from her “I wuz robbed” bender. Worse, as someone who when young and even dumber than I too often am now and experienced a few instances of partying so hard that I had people coming up to me days afterwards telling me things that showed how much of an ass I’d made of myself Lake is going to realize how badly she screwed up. No more political career. And DEFINATELY not a regular gig on Fox for a hefty fee!

  3. Lake pissing and moaning about people having to wait in line to vote is comical. Republicans across the country have done everything they could to make voting harder, especially in blue districts, including forcing people to wait in long lines while not being allowed to be given food or water. They’ve removed polling sites, tossed ballots for not having a handwritten date on the OUTSIDE envelope, arbitrary signature issues (my sig looks different nearly every time I write it!), and urging their base not to vote by mail. They set themselves up just like they did the Dems and now Lake is crying the blues. Learn your lesson GOP. Your actions are likely to come back and bite you in the ass.



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