I just love it when the delicate fee fees of Fox News hosts get hurt. Such hot house tomato fee fees they are. Orchids are the heftiest of jungle vines compared with the tender sensibilities of Fox News folks. We won’t even mention snowflakes.

No, the folks at Fox News want you to know that they really did take care of covering the first January 6 hearing. Oh, they were all over it to be sure.

Get a good grip on your chair, you may fall off.

Now see this in context. They can barely stand to discuss gun control in the first place and then to be called on the carpet for their larger flaws? Oh, they hate this like death.

“We covered it plenty!” Right, like public service broadcasting used to be at 3:00 a.m. because almost nobody was awake to hear it, but the FCC was made happy. Yeah, stick it in some dead zone hour or put it only on the least watched subsidiaries and then claim how well you covered it. Pleeze.

This is what we need to see more of. Bravo to this guest, Mike Crute. I’m sure he’ll never be invited back but who cares? The fact is, if more people would go on Fox News and stand up to them, we might get somewhere.

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