“Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” — Alice In Wonderland

If you think of all the impossible things we’ve come to believe since 2015, six is a piddling figure and yes, we can do that and more before breakfast every day, because the parameters of what was possible or impossible in politics changed so dramatically when Tangerine Palpatine became emperor of the GOP.

Here’s what happened in just the past few hours. Come, let us reason together, as LBJ used to say.

First, Rachel Maddow announced that Donald Trump’s lawyers have met in person with the District Attorney of Fulton County, Georgia.

Associated Press:

ATLANTA (AP) — The prosecutor weighing whether Donald Trump and others committed crimes by trying to pressure Georgia officials to overturn Joe Biden’s presidential election victory said a decision on whether to bring charges could come as early as the first half of this year.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said in an interview with The Associated Press last week that her team is making solid progress, and she’s leaning toward asking for a special grand jury with subpoena power to aid the investigation.

“I believe in 2022 a decision will be made in that case,” Willis said. “I certainly think that in the first half of the year that decisions will be made.”

But Willis told the AP that she hasn’t imposed deadlines on her staff and has urged them to be thorough in their examination. […]

Willis declined to speak about the specifics, but she confirmed that the investigation’s scope includes — but is not limited to — a Jan. 2, 2021, phone call between Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a November 2020 phone call between U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham and Raffensperger, the abrupt resignation of the U.S. attorney in Atlanta on Jan. 4, 2021, and comments made during December 2020 Georgia legislative committee hearings on the election. […]

Willis’ inquiry also is not the only state criminal investigation involving Trump. New York prosecutors have subpoenaed Trump and his two eldest children in their investigation of his business dealings.

A Trump spokesman dismissed the Fulton investigation as a politically motivated “witch hunt” when it became public last February, after Willis instructed Georgia’s top elected officials to preserve any records related to the general election, particularly any evidence of attempts to influence election officials. The probe includes “potential violations of Georgia law prohibiting the solicitation of election fraud, the making of false statements to state and local government bodies, conspiracy, racketeering, violation of oath of office and any involvement in violence or threats related to the election’s administration,” the letters said.

Willis said she has not yet decided whether to ask the chief judge of the Fulton County Superior Court to impanel a special grand jury. While she could decide whether she has enough for an indictment based on evidence and witnesses who speak with her team willingly, she said, a special grand jury can be helpful to compel people who refuse to testify without a subpoena.

“I like investigations to be complete and so we probably would move in the direction of a special grand jury,” she said.

Then Trump’s lawyer showed up on Newsmax and her villain du jour is Letitia James, not Fani Willis.

If you are wondering how we got to Letitia James when the big story of the night was Fulton County, Georgia and prosecutor Fani Willis, I join you in wonderment. But here’s Eric Trump on Fox News and he’s singing the same anti Letitia James ballad as Alina Habba, the lawyer.

So here we are. All we can do is speculate and conjecture. Possibilities include:

  1. Something has occurred in the New York investigation that we haven’t heard about, so Trump world has decided that a preemptive strike is its best defensive maneuver?
  2. The Fulton County investigation is scaring the bejesus out of Trump world, so they’ve decided to draw attention away from it and Letitia James and Manhattan is as good a place as any to start?
  3. Somehow the two investigations are related, other than the obvious, that they involve Trump(s)?

Where there’s smoke there’s fire. You may recall Trump’s unhinged rant of December 18.  Maddow says that tonight’s breaking news is the reason for it. Go to :57 where it starts.

That “seemingly unhinged statement” that Maddow refers to happened within days of the heretofore unreported in-person meetings between Trump’s attorneys and the Fulton County District Attorney’s office. That Trump would be upset about that makes perfect sense, now that we know what motivated the rant. And it is interesting that the attorneys would have felt the need to journey to Georgia to meet in person, in this day of COVID and Zoom.

So what motivated the apparition of the lawyer and Eric on Newsmax and Fox *News* respectively? We don’t know. But I think it’s very safe to say that other bombshells like the one that Maddow broke earlier Monday night are forthcoming and we’ll have another “ah ha” moment, and say, “That’s why Eric and Habba went running to the right-wing media outlets.”

Stay tuned. It’s only going to get nuttier, a mere one and a half weeks into 2022.

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    • Maddow did us a service by pointing out the unhinged rant of 12/18 and then informing us that this was when Trump’s attorneys went down to Georgia. Trump has been going off the walls lately at a lot of people (poor Mike Rounds) and I think it’s because things are getting very scary for him. Good. A lot of people have wished Trump would just die. I’ve always said, “No way. We want him to live a very long time and be healthy — and totally miserable, as he pays for his crimes.”

      • We feel the same about Pelosi and Fauci, Adam Schiff, Nader, AOC, OMAR, TLIAB, M WATERS, …..you think the democrats are so holt and do nothing wrong, our threat to democracy IS the democratic party, you are so distracted by the chaos they cause you can’t see what they do behind your back

      • What you said, Ursula…with death, it’s over. And I want this Mango MFA to SUFFER. On a related note, it seems our first actual President in four years is helping with the pain by giving him the pharoah erasure treatment.

      • If trump is getting hit by these investigations they would want to keep a lid on it. And since there are fewer pawns in the game they probably could keep it quiet. And the democrats wouldn’t want it getting out either just to play the game. And what we have is a different game in town. Any information from when trump was in office we would find out before the ink was dry. But democrats are afflicted with that weird thing, integrity. Maybe there’s hope yet that trump might have some legal problems.

  1. Oh Diana, yes the morons from democratic party invaded the Capitol, yes morons from Democratic states are restricting voting and taking control of election from election officials. Calm down Karen.

  2. It’s.

    Everything Fulton County knows, James knows too. Everybody with an interest in prosecuting Trump have quite obviously been coordinating with each other. So even if they get James off the case (spoiler: they won’t), whatever they’re trying to suppress is just going to pop up somewhere else.

  3. Both James and Willis are African-American women, so the Trumpsters will not-so-subtly work race and gender into their criticisms, if they haven’t already.

  4. If Georgia law, quite rightly forbids threats and violence concerning the running of an election, it seems there should be a lot more investigating going on, because election officials have been living in hell ever since.

  5. Observation from over “the pond”. We get unfiltered and unbiased information.
    Conclusion : Trump may be an internet troll but Dems are pure evil.
    Marxism is pure evil. Communism is pure evil. Suddenly, the country where every black
    person on the planet would like to move to is since 2019 (election year) the most racist country in the world. No wonder america only ranks 19th on world scale of IQ’s.

    • Who’s evil? Marxism? Communism? Ha! You nothing of what you speak . There’s none of either one. All fascism . All republicans. Nothing evil except the lies you believe. We don’t need your conspiracy theories. We have enuff idiots here trying to dig deeper into thbe rabbit hole.. why don’t you follow ?


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