You may have read this weekend that the Texas GOP platform states that being a gay person is an “abnormal lifestyle.” I would opine, friends, that being a member of the Republican party is an abnormal lifestyle. If you don’t agree to that premise, after you see this thirty-second film clip you will.

Eric Greitens is a violent man. He’s had legal problems stemming from the physical abuse of his wife and children. He embraces toxic masculinity and so this ad, coming from him, is no surprise.

The imagery here is bad. It’s so bad, in fact, that I would not be surprised if this ad was pulled. I can hear the blowback already.

Do you love it? RINO hunting? The message here to the young uns is, “murder and kill anybody you don’t like. Just get a SWAT team and break down the doors. This is your right.”

This is mega sick. This is MAGA sick, to be precise.

Anybody want to lay odds that this ad will be removed by the end of the day? it is 7:30 a.m. PT as I write. I think that by 5:00 p.m. or sooner, this will be gone. If it’s not — then that makes a hefty statement right there.

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  1. The sad part is that the know-nothing bigots who support him and others like him think they are safe from any implied violence. They believe their own hate makes them somehow immune. But once you vote fascists like this into power, they will eventually turn their violence against everyone, even their supporters.

  2. Disgusting to rational.people, but he isn’t aiming at rational.vpters. In fact he is targeting sane Rs. Sooner or later some psychopath will take his word. Innocent staffers and Dems and the handful.of sabe R politician will have targets on their backs.


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