This is yet another testament to the expression that a picture is worth a thousand words. Look at how the heroes unfold, and in what order. Best two minutes you’re liable to have all day. Enjoy.

I don’t know about you, but I could watch one of these every week. This is a real hoot.

What I totally love about this is that so many of these faces are people that Trump has called out personally.

Let’s send him a copy of this, maybe it will give him nightmares. Is Letitia James in here? No? How about Cyrus Vance? More’s the pity. Guess we’ll have to make another movie featuring them. That will absolutely give Trump nightmares.


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  1. No Letitia James or Cy Vance, but hey! Sean Connery was in it!!!

    I’ve not seen an Avengers movie, but this was fun. Kinda gets you psyched up for the battle to see all the good guys we’ve got. We’re gonna need them, every one, and more.

  2. I saw this before the election – it choled me up then – and it still does. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

    Something to save and replay when you feel as if you are alone. Because you’re not.


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