If you follow the public service announcements from Donald Trump, Jr. these days, you are well aware of the fact that they are not the most coherent and structured broadcasts, to say the least. This latest one has unraveled even farther and is barely coherent, but if you listen carefully there is some self-revelation contained herein, presumably unintended.

What’s that you say? Is that a dildo or a bong on the shelf? Quite possibly both. And if you look to the shelf underneath, it looks like there’s a blue pouch and a white bottle, which people in the Twitter thread are calling Junior’s “purse and pill bottle.” Who knows?

Here’s 1:47 of Trumpian logic. Just what you need after the Casper debacle, right?

Here is a gentleman who is a Marine veteran and he’s making sense.  ***WARNING*** F-bombs away. Be careful of listening to this where it can be overheard.

This here is Texas Bob. *****WARNING, LANGUAGE****

A lot of sad truths here.

I think Uvalde may be the turning point for a lot of reasons, as I’ve said. I think the tide of public opinion is shifting. Logic has not prevailed and logic won’t prevail now. But if enough people are sick and tired of being sick and tired, the crazies may finally be outnumbered. Again, I quote Lincoln:

“Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail. Without it, nothing can succeed.”

I could be wrong, but I think public sentiment is changing.

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  1. To my fellow jarhead and his rant I say “Get some!” You know what? What he’s describing isn’t new. The part about qualification was that way forty-plus years ago when I was on active duty and had been that way long before. Hell, at least during my time for some of us with an M.O.S. that required us to carry a pistol we had to do a range qualification AND also a “Fam Fire” on a semi-annual basis. With shotguns too.

    It’s always blown my mind how these gun goobers seem to tout unfettered rights to own, carry and wave around their GUNS yet so few really, and I mean REALLY learn how to be proficient with them, much less under stress. And the number who actually take part in realistic training for situations where they might encounter someone armed and shooting? Even less than cops. That’s right. Not even cops in many departments get really good training, much less periodic refresher training! But, according to the goobers Joe or Jan Armed-Mur I Kun Citizen is somehow going to know EXACTLY what to do and successfully neutralize an active shooter situation!

    Hell, trained LE often has trouble doing so as we’ve seen again and again! Worse, as was the case both to a small degree but an appallingly large one in Uvalde there are trained LE who can’t/won’t master their fear and summon the courage to do the job they signed up to do. I hope more people start linking up the guy at Stoneman h.s. in Parkland and the larger GROUP in Texas, TEXAS for god’s sake that touts itself as the land of bad-asses who didn’t do their jobs. And don’t give me any “they were following the orders of the scene commander” bullshit either. That scene commander had a boss – the town’s chief of police who COULD have and SHOULD have overruled him – and followed national doctrine & sent in personnel (as videos show all the local LE had tactical gear and assault rifles in short order) and even then the lack of courage of some of those officers for NOT telling that scene commander to fuck off is appalling.

    No, they chose to hunker down and wait for someone else. Barricade situation my ass! 911 calls and gunshots kept up during that agonizing and literally deathly time frame when local LE waited outside that classroom. I’ve got plenty more to say about their response, or lack thereof but again we have the “school resource officer” in Parkland which is more easily explained as one guy panicking now combined with an entire local PD INCLUDING a six person special unit for schools doing NOTHING! They sure talked up their “training” beforehand but when it mattered they froze like deer in the headlights.

    Even “trained” good guys with guns, NINETEEN of them weren’t enough to have at least some breach that classroom and put an end to this mass murder. How many of those victims died due to the delay in getting them medical help?

    I don’t actually believe things will change much. However, I DO think that maybe, finally the conversation can shift and we can have the kinds of discussions that might one day lead to meaningful gun control. I read somewhere a few days ago some RWNJ talking head was whining about demoralized LE. From where I sit I’m guessing even if that’s true it’s for the wrong reason. Anyway the point is that probably 99 percent of LE is major league PISSED at those guys in TX. I rather doubt any other department would want to hire them. First there would be the public reaction wherever they would go. But more personally to the cops already on duty in that town, a collective attitude would be “If that motherfucker wouldn’t DO anything in THAT situation how the fuck can I trust him to have MY back when the chips are down?”

    I can’t wait for a talking head to decide to bring that up!



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