I don’t know how Ron DeSantis is going to combat this. Trump War Room is running a clip of DeSantis performing first rate, fawning Trump sycophancy, such to make even Mark Levin blush. DeSantis just goes on about how wonderful Donald Trump is, in every way. Which sets up an interesting task for DeSantis: he either has to prove himself that much better than Trump, in every way, or explain how he was duped by Trump originally but now he has seen the light. I wonder which option he’ll play?

Here’s a meme that’s getting going.

It will be interesting to see how DeSantis wriggles out of this.


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    • The fact he assumes nobody can find past footage of him acting like a brown-noser indicates he is as big an ignoramus as a person can be. There are things we absolutely must take for granted in today’s society: anything you say in an interview is going to be available for the rest of your life and you must always assume someone is taping your comments or filming you at all times. You should always figure there is a hot mic somewhere in your vicinity. There is no getting away from these little factoids if you are even Joe Blow the rag-man let alone if you are in the public eye constantly because of your political office or other notoriety,.

      Another tell of desantis’ ignorance is his position on social and other issues that is so out of step with the population of this country. Smart pols would not be signing the legislation he has been signing.

      • Well, you’re obviously forgetting Trump’s own switcheroos from 2016’s campaign all the way through 2020. The man could literally appear at one rally and say one thing, then appear at another rally the same day–just hours later–and swear he didn’t say it, and his followers believed every single word. Even when Trump (or his followers) would be shown the video or have the audio played, Trump would simply play it off as “fake news.” Then, the next day, he would be right back reiterating his first claim and telling everyone if the media showed anything different, they were making up stuff to hurt Trump–and the sheep went right along with it.
        Among GOPers, there’s NO SUCH THING AS PROOF. For them, when talking to their sheep, it’s a case of “Who are you going to believe? Me or your eyes/ears?” And the sheep believe the liars instead of their own eyes and ears. They’d been doing it since the Dubya years but Trump perfected the scam.

        • Well, to be fair, W was the 2nd Pres they had that was staggeringly unqualified for the position of President. When the President is completely out of his depth, they HAVE to Fox this. Since Trump isn’t qualified to be the night manager of a vacant lot….doesn’t have a clue as to foreign/domestic policy let alone how the government actually functions. What’s crazy is that GOP politicians & voters that DO KNOW how the gov functions, do KNOW foreign & domestic policy and know how things like tariffs function and how to use them as short term sticks to Mae policy rather than AS policy…how did they stomach such a willfully ignorant moron who doesn’t have a clue about ANYTHING, nor is he interested in learning.

      • I can’t wait to see the swing around he would have to pull to serenade that 67% of his fellow Americans who think his stand on just about everything, including the mouse, is total bs. Where woke comes to die said he. Nope turns out woke is biting him in the caboose, as it were. He should have read The Art of War that Sun Sui wrote, you know the part about picking battles that you can win? So basically what we got here is two combatants, neither one particularly battle seasoned in anything but the art of the deal. DiSanto’s ass is grass and the pied piper Trumpster is a lawn mower!!! But not to worry the little sneak changed a pesky little law that insisted a person seeking the presidency should resign his or her current government position. Quite sporting I say. On the chin old fellow there you are. But no the sneaky little devil rescinded that bothersome note so he slides right back into the job he never really left. Joyfully no matter who wins the American people are the ultimate winners, they get to watch the final gasps of the now very lame duck GOP go down for the third and final time. As to the rest of those running, Mike Pense is cannon fodder The rest of them Haley and company are the Light Brigade and I do mean light Does anyone imagine in their wildest dreams one of the rest of them or Trump and DeSantis as far as that goes to lead that fractured old, tired, lazy, weary. sorry, party? I could go on. I imagine this scenario, it’s the night of the big debate, America is waiting. Every news cast is carrying this spectacle, this extravaganza this special. The orange huckster comes out on stage, fashionably late because of his importance, and he likes to make an entrance of course. And then the Trumpster says “And then Mr. Trump said your fired Ron, is that still your favorite part??? Bebate over and back to the Govs. chair for Ronnie. Where I’m putting my money on the mouse finishing him off. Or in keeping in the fun spirit Disney is so famous for Mickey will fix his little red wagon. i literally can’t wait to see this entertainment. And there is nothing that either of these two shysters to pull off including walking on water, that could compel me to vote for either!!! And I’m betting that the other 67% are of the same frame of mind!!! Please join with me prayerfully that Ted Crus will get put out to pasture this time around? Someplace warm? Cancun maybe? Oh he’s going down! There’s a bunch of Texans who remember how cold it was? Know what?????? I’m predicting a blue wave!!!! You heard it from me first

    • Trump didn’t write the book. He barely met with the author. He cannot even manage to pen a comprehensible tweet, let alone a book. Fred likely paid someone to write his term papers (and maybe take his exams for him).
      The actual author loathes and despises Fat Donnie Donuts, and donates the money from it to charity.

      • Gillian: No Trump knows big words. good. words. People are saying that he uses the biggest words any President has ever used People can’t believe the big words he uses Some people say he used the biggest word ever used But he knows shorter clever type words too. And he can match them up too? mostly? But don’t try to stump the Trump, he knows how many esses there are in pussy.


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