Politics makes for strange bedfellows but we didn’t know that bed bugs were part of the package. But then again, this is the Era of Trump that we live in. Listen to this Arizona state senator’s rationale as to why he was justified in sending in forged documents, claiming to be a duly appointed Arizona elector. It will give you the willies. So will the guy talking.

You notice he doesn’t want to tell the reporter how he got the call, who else is involved. He knows nothing, nothing. Right. Maybe the GOP operates like the KGB or the mafia these days, with cells of people whose information is on a need to know basis, only. It would not be surprising to learn that that is the case.

Here’s some context from Rachel Maddow to let you know how truly egregious this is. The forms that were forged in the five swing states were all generated by the same person, apparently, because they were identical.

Concerted effort, much?

What happened to our country when Trump got elected is that it became the place of anything goes politics. Whatever it is, no matter how crazy, go ahead and try it. After all, if Donald Trump can get elected president of the United States anything can happen, right? Pigs can fly, unicorns run in the park with dogs, and the fastest growing profession is hen dentistry.

So go ahead, throw it at the wall. Even if it’s spheroid rubber and should bounce off, maybe it will stick. When all the laws of political physics have been broken, break the rest of the laws on all the books, what the hell. Why not?

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  1. This is not a surprise, since almost all election fraud has been committed by republiQanons! This also highlights the need to eliminate the electoral college, and elect our Presidents by popular vote alone!

    • But, that really does NOTHING to solve the situation. Just getting rid of the Electoral College (which can ONLY be done by Constitutional Amendment, incidentally) won’t solve the “election fraud” issue. The Constitution established the Electoral College (in an era, incidentally, when the “popular vote” was not a universal matter–some states, even in the North, opted to allow the State Legislature make the decision rather than “The People” and for DECADES after the 12th Amendment’s Electoral College reforms) so only an amendment can change or abolish the institution.

      Why do people NOT understand this? The cases of fraud that have been uncovered had NO connection to the Electoral College. They were ALL done by REGULAR ELECTION BALLOTS–on, or before, Election Day. The Electoral College doesn’t meet until weeks after the election (by Congressional act, on the “first Monday after the second Wednesday of December”). But, again, I’ve not heard of a single case of “fraud” occurring between Election Day and the day the Electoral College meets. So, please, stop conflating the issues. That’s what conservatives/GOPers do when they have no other valid reasonable argument.

      A much better option would be to have the Federal government simply establish voting rights legislation that applies to ALL the people in EVERY state and make the states responsible solely for ensuring the list of voters. Despite the 15th Amendment’s guarantee the right to vote despite “race, color or condition of previous servitude,” states (mainly in the South) managed to work around those rights by creating legal restrictions that made no mention or reference to any of those points. For example, the Amendment made no condition about education or literacy so a poll worker would ask a potential voter to answer questions and if they passed, they got to vote but if they failed, they were shown out. Just because most potential Black voters failed the questions and most white voters were either not questioned (or given really easy questions), there was no absolute evidence that any of the listed conditions applied (and, courts don’t accept circumstantial evidence–then again, most Blacks had to deal with intimidation from authorities as well as very limited access to the legal system and if anyone, especially Black, started getting too “uppity,” it didn’t take much to convince a court that they’d committed a crime, sent to prison and lost their right to vote).

      The 19th Amendment guaranteed that women could vote and the 26th Amendment guaranteed the right to vote to anyone at least 18 years old. BUT. There are still legal matters that do prevent women and people at least 18 from voting. People who are legally considered “incompetent” are generally barred from voting; people who are incarcerated or who haven’t managed to get their voting rights restored after being released from prison cannot vote; people who aren’t legal citizens cannot vote (though NYC has opened the door to non-citizens to vote in city elections). And, of course, you can’t vote in a jurisdiction if you haven’t registered there AND you haven’t been removed from the rolls in your prior jurisdiction (some jurisdictions–especially college towns–allow a special exemption for full-time college students to vote in local elections but this is still controversial among *conservative* politicians; it’s almost as if there aren’t really any “Young Republicans” or “Young Conservatives” on college campuses).

      And, let’s not forget that we’d still have a problem as far as Trump was concerned. Even without the Electoral College matter, neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump received a MAJORITY of the popular vote. Hillary got 48.2% of the popular vote and Trump got 46.1% so we’d STILL have had an election to resolve. And HOW would the election have been resolved? Well, with the Electoral College, when no one receives a majority of the Electoral Vote, it goes to the House so, presumably, with an election where neither candidate receives an outright majority of the popular vote which has happened a lot more often since 1980 than it should have. In 1980, 1984 and 1988, the GOP candidate received an outright majority of the vote but, beginning with 1992, we had three straight elections where the eventual winner received less than a majority. In 1992, Clinton got 43% while George Bush got 37.4% and Ross Perot got 18.9%; in 1996, Clinton got 49.2%, Bob Dole got 40.7% and Perot got 8.4%; in 2000, Al Gore got 48.4%, Dubya got 47.9%, Ralph Nader got 2.7% and 1% went to various candidates. Then, we were back to three straight elections where the winner received a majority: in 2004, Dubya got 50.7%; in 2008, Obama got 52.9%; and in 2012, Obama got 51.1%.

      Of the 25 elections during the “20th Century” (counting from 1900 to 1996), the winning candidate in just 7 elections didn’t receive a majority of the popular vote (1912, 1916, 1948, 1960, 1968, 1992, and 1996) with 3 of those involving a candidate who received less than 45% of the popular vote (1912, 1968 and 1992) but who wound up winning well over 50% of the Electoral Vote (in 1912 Wilson got only 41.8% PV and 81.9% EV; in 1968, Nixon got 43.4% PV and 56% EV; in 1992, Clinton got 43% PV and 68.8% EV). (That’s a lot better than the 19th century, following the 1824 election. In the 18 elections from the 1828 election to the 1896 election, NINE went to the candidate who received less than a majority of the popular vote but who received–or in the 1876 election, was awarded–a majority of the Electoral Vote.)

  2. “What happened to our country when Trump got elected is that it became the place of anything goes politics.”…..ummmm, where have you been living the past umpty squat decades? Pols are always throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks.

  3. The biggest mistake the Republicans ever made? Well, there’s a long list of likely candidates but “confusing Trump’s luck in 2016 with actual skill on par with W’s people” has to be up there. Small wonder why they’ve been fighting the release of the National Archives for weeks now.

  4. Genocides. Land grabs. Kidnapping, rape, murder,& enslavement. Nixon’s secret deal with the north Vietnamese. Reagan’s iran-contra deal to steal the office & run a covert illegal war against peasants. Bush stealing office & staring a war based on lies. Obama blowing up children with drones. Trump placed in office by our enemy. So on it goes. America, as Nelson Mandela has pointed out, has committed the WORST atrocities against humanity, including our narcissistic culture of waste & pollution in our collective CLOSED habitat. We drop nuclear weapons on 145,000 unarmed citizens causing an arms race where we sit waiting for some idiot to destroy the planet over oil. Bye. Bye. Miss American Pie. Is it really any wonder we are facing mass suicide by the hand of a few rich asshats??? Not really. It’s called karma.


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