What would we do for comic relief if it wasn’t for Mike Lindell? His psychosis is probably a burden to those around him but to America at large it’s the comedy gift that keeps on giving.

You recall that Lindell filed his latest useless suit in Arizona. It will not surprise you that the suit has gone nowhere. No, the surprise would be if it had gone somewhere. We fully expected it to follow the rest of the 60 plus defeated joke suits into the Big Lie circular file.

But Lindell is not to be dissuaded from his holy quest of returning Trump to the White House. No, Sir, not he. He’s got a new plan now and it involves Elon Musk.

Elon flew to the moon in Mike’s dream last night — and he didn’t even need a space suit or a ship, he just flew like in the Matrix. And when Elon got to the moon — which is covered in nice, cushy, My Pillows, Mike will have you to know — he pushed a button in a rock and a big TV screen slid out of a mountain.

And on that screen was a picture of the White House and people happy and dancing and smiling and giving one another high fives and 60% off codes.  And then Mike woke up.

So you see, Elon, Mike had a prophetic dream and you’re the star. Get off the moon now, and go to work.


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  1. Now pillow-man, I need to know you understand this: we do not anoint presidents in this country and we never have. Please show us a sign you grasp even the littlest part of that….knowing all the while he does not understand today is Monday the 16th.

    Dominion, etc., when are you going to relieve this fool of his money? Seems like he would do much less damage, and fewer stupid thing, with less cash.

  2. How TF is Elmo supposed to make the former guy president again? He doesn’t have the authority – no one does, no matter what the Pillow Guy thinks.
    They all need mental health treatment, though there’s not much that can be done about narcissism.


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