I think the Peter Principle may be in for a major renovation. Clear the decks for the Lindell Principle, which illustrates that even if a grifting conman manages to luck out and get a scam that works well and has him set up comfortably, he’ll blow it and end up broke.

2022 is not going to be Lindell’s year. Baby New Year may be just a toddler, but so far she has kicked Lindell’s butt soundly. He’s already the laughing stock of the country for suggesting that 300 million of us are headed for the House of Many Doors based upon his evidence, and the January 6 Committee wants to take a look at his phone. That’s insult enough but adding injury is the fact that now his bank doesn’t wuv him any more. Both banks, in fact.

Minnesota Bank & Trust and Heartland Financial have asked Mike to close his accounts because they are suffering “reputational damage” having him as a customer. This happened earlier on Friday and here was the first blast that Lindell put out into cyberspace on Steve Bannon’s show, of course.

Here’s the second blast into the ethernet. Lindell has been working himself into a lather all day.

Well, Mike, you could always keep the cash in a pillow case. Lord knows you’ve got plenty of them lying around. That’s pretty handy, if you stop to think about it.

Say, what about Deutsche Bank? I mean, they’ve had both Trump and Vladimir Putin on their customer rolls, so hey, if you need references, voila! Or crypto currency, maybe?

Mike Mike Mike, what’s WRONG with us! We’re overlooking the obvious!! MIKE COIN!! You just put together your own form of currency, open your own banks, and then nobody can fuck with you!! Pretty soon, you’ll be calling up Minnesota Bank and Heartland and telling them to buzz off! Yeah! That’s the ticket!

Well, Mike is probably still ranting. Maybe he’ll just fall asleep in front of the camera, who knows?

Meanwhile, here’s a little tidbit to brighten your day. This is drop dead funny. Be sure to see this if you haven’t seen it before.

Look on the bright side, Mike. Being de-banked is better than being decapitated, right? As long as your head is still attached you can figure things out. What’s that you say? It’s so far up your ass as to not do you much good? Well, there is that.

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  1. I thought this gang was all about free enterprise & unregulated private companies. Guess talk is easier than walking the walk. Never seen such a whiny, fragile, sensitive lot as the Maga crowd. What a bunch of ignorant, crying babies.

  2. Anyone with a brain can see he’s a fruitcake like the man he follows. What’s wrong with people who actually think those two are sane? I mean, really!!! We’re taught not to act like this. Obviously, some people weren’t taught. That’s how cults are so easily formed. They want other’s to think for them.

  3. Honestly if you told me before this any bank would send a customer on their merry little way rather than holding the customer’s money while giving next to nothing interest on that money, I’d have said YOU were smoking crack. Banks have a rock bottom customer they will not do business with–who knew?


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