The polls closed almost one hour ago (it is 4:55 PST as I write) with few exceptions. One polling place, the Salem Baptist Church in McDonough, Georgia, has extended voting by 45 minutes due to the NAACP filing an emergency lawsuit in response to early-morning problems at the precinct. Voters at that precinct can vote if they are in line by 7:45 p.m.

Other than that, polls are closed in Georgia and returns starting to come in.

We will be posting updates as they occur. This could be a grand and glorious night.

Raphael Warnock beat Kelly Loeffler almost a year ago and she was Margaret Chase Smith compared to the clown that Warnock has run against this time.

The New York Times is reporting that, “As expected, Senator Raphael Warnock has taken a big lead as votes cast before Election Day are the first to be reported. The coming hours will be an exercise in watching his advantage over Herschel Walker shrink.”

The New York Times always hedges its bets. I think Warnock might blow Walker out. In any events, however this race goes, it will say a lot about what’s going on in Georgia and what’s going on with support for Donald Trump’s MAGAverse.

UPDATE 1: 5:20 P.M. PDT 

Good news. Most counties have tallied some votes. Two dozen of the reddest rural counties have tallied most of their votes. Raphael Warnock is still ahead, 53-47. Warnock leads by over 115,000 votes. Eyes are on DeKalb County. The vote is expected to be 250,000 and only about 13,000 votes have been tallied. DeKalb County voted heavily for Biden, maybe that trend will hold.

UPDATE 2: 5:48 P.M. PDT 

Walker has a small lead.  (7000 votes out of 2.1 million cast). Daily Kos reports, “Again, this is exactly what happened in both 2021 and in November. Smaller rural counties are much more likely to count their election day votes quickly, because (natch) there are fewer of them to count. Warnock still has a huge cushion waiting on him in Atlanta metro, including another 250,000 votes or so in DeKalb County, which is likely to split 80-20 for him (or better!).” 

“We’re now heading towards two million total votes, and Republican Herschel Walker has cut the lead for Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock to 51-49. HOWEVER, there are no less than 700,000 votes left to count in Democratic stronghold counties in metro Atlanta. This will likely look a lot like November (and the 2021 runoffs, for that matter) where the Republicans will claim a small lead for a short while, only to cough it up when more of those big urban counties report in.”

UPDATE 3: 6:00 P.M. PST

Thank you, Jesus. The tide just turned and Warnock is back on top. Whew! DeKalb County just dropped 100,000 votes, moving Warnock back into the lead by 22,000 votes. Still 550,000 votes left to count in Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton, and Gwinnett. I hope this doesn’t run until midnight or later, but it might.  

UPDATE 4: 6:35 P.M. PST

I am getting dizzy from this teeter totter and this night cannot end soon enough for me. Herschel Walker went back up, leading Warnock by a few thousand votes. Now, another drop of roughly 55,000-60,000 votes, which broke for Warnock, and the incumbent is now back up by 1.0% (27,000 votes.) New York Times reports 81% of the votes counted. Warnock up by .02%, or 8,000 votes.

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  1. The surprising thing is that anyone voted for Walker, I guess it just proves the aphorism that some people would vote for a flower pot if it had (R) next to it.

    Of course flower pots are smarter than Walker.

    • If only we were talking about a potted plant. GOPers will vote for a steaming pile of shit with an R next to their name – even if the steaming pile of shit was running against their Jeebus!

  2. Frankly I’m appalled. Disgusted. Angry and Depressed all at once as it’s now nine pm out here and this race is too close to call. If there was a sense of decency in the GOP, even if they couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a Democrat they at least could have sat this out. But they didn’t. They went ahead and voted for that piece of shit Herschel Walker. I don’t want to hear blather (no matter how this turns out) tomorrow morning from moderate Democrats who say we have to listen to, to respect Republicans. They continue to prove that as a Party they are unworthy of respect. Their refusal to denounce the flaming orange human shaped rectum named Donald Trump, and to also vote for him and candidates like Walker are beneath contempt. Fuck em. Let them loudly and repeatedly denounce Trump/MAGA. Then, and only then will I give them consideration.


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