That title is no joke. And I’m not fucking around. By now you all know my military tactical street creds, and you all know that I lived in that fat Bastards head for almost 6 years. And some things I learned today made the connection rock solid for me.

Ukraine reported today that more than 27,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine since the invasion started. They should know, they’re the ones busy stacking the bodies up. For context, Russia lost somewhere around 15,000 in their moronic invasion of Afghanistan that lasted just over 10 years. The Americans lost fewer than 5,000 men in Iraq and Afghanistan in twenty years. Today marks Day 80 of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Ukrainians have a real problem that they didn’t ask for, and don’t want. 27,000 dead Russian bodies. The US military has a rock hard rule, Leave no fallen man behind. That rule literally saved the life of Lt Colonel, US Senator Tammy Duckworth’s life. They thought they were bringing home a body, only to find a pulse.

There is reporting that Russian officers made conscripts surrender their wallets and ID’s before the invasion. Their uniforms were stripped of their name tags and unit identification badges. The Ukrainians have repeatedly begged the Russians to set up a transportation chain for the Ukrainians to get the bodies back home to the families. They’ve received almost no assistance whatsoever. And now Russian bodies are being burned in mass trenches, and buried in unmarked graves.

I have written that all great wartime commanders, from Lincoln to Wilson, from FDR to Churchill, knew what they didn’t know, and let their generals run the war. Congenital sociopaths like Hitler, Mussolini, and Putin think they’re omnipotent, and run wars personally. And great tragedy normally ensues. For everybody.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the mind of Donald John Trump. This is a congenital idiot who opined that avoiding catching the clap in Studio 54 was his personal Vietnam. He infamously referred to the immortal Marine heroes of Belleau Wood in WWi as suckers for not surrendering. He personally insulted his then Chief of Staff, General John Kelly at his own sons grave, asking, I don’t get it. What was in it for him? And Trump is the soulless ghoul who, in a condolence call to a new military widow, told Master Sergeant LaDavid Johnson’s widow, in a car on the way to the funeral home to make arrangements, I’m sorry for your loss. But your husband knew what he was getting into when he signed up. 

Look no further my friends. Trump and Putin are brothers under the skin, that’s why they get along so well together. The same thing with Trump and Kim. They all see military conflict as nothing more than a real life version of the game Risk. Those aren’t actual soldiers out there, they’re little wood blocks to move around to try to achieve your ends. There are no actual casualties, not to their minds. Global conflict is nothing more or less than a geopolitical game to be played to gain a short term objective.

And let me disabuse you of one fantasy right now. Trump is a sociopathic egomaniac. In real life, he is a failed real estate mogul, the host of a third rate reality show, and a best selling ghost written author. But if he gets back into the Oval Office, all bets are off.

Former Trump Defense Secretary Mark Esper wrote in his book that at various times during his reign, Trump wanted to lob missiles into Mexico to go after drug cartels, on the premise that Nobody would ever know who actually did it, and actually wanted to get into a ground conflict with Iran. Just sit back and think about that for a moment.

If Trump ever managed to get back into the White House, and if he could engineer a crisis that led to an actual shooting war with Iran, don’t waste 1 second in thinking that Traitor Tot would just sit back and let the military clean up his mess. After all, Trump is a Very stable genius. And he would also just happen to be the Commander in Chief. And if he somehow or other manages to incite a ground conflict, don’t think for a minute that he won’t horn in and try to lead the operation personally. That’s what sociopaths do.

So now you’ve been warned. Trump is not only a dangerous sociopath, he’s a constant Threat to national security. Because if he gets back into office, Trump will feel the irresistible pull to start some kind of conflict, so he can prove what a military genius he is.  But on the bright side, look at Vladimir Putin. What could go wrong?


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  1. I would look no further than that botched raid in Yemen early in Trump’s reign for proof of most of that thesis. That said, let’s be real here. In every sense of the word, the Presidency broke him, enough so to where he now lacks even the baseline skills that got him in. The real threat remains someone we ignore because too many people are terrified of him still.

    • He’s likely got some form of dementia – he was going downhill even before he was elected. Those who think he should be president again are deluded.

  2. Bringing the bodies home is a recent practice – most of the dead in WW1 were buried in Europe. (In WW2, it was done afterward.)

    • FROM PIECE Nearly 90 days into Vladimir Putin’s “special military operation” in Ukraine, Russian troops have apparently become so demoralized and desperate to quit they’ve begun deliberately injuring themselves.

      The Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s Main Intelligence Directorate on Saturday released audio of what it said was an intercepted call revealing the batshit new trend.


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