Back in June Michigan’s openly gay Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel, whose 2014 suit against the gay marriage ban in Michigan was eventually combined with other cases and taken before SCOTUS resulting in the landmark Obergefell v. Hodges decision legalizing gay marriage, spoke before a conference hosted by the Michigan Department of Civil Rights and joked, in response to the burning issue of “drag queen story hour”, that “drag queens are fun” and that “a drag queen in every school” might not be a existential threat to the republic.

Four months later enter the humorless Tudor Dixon, whose idea of a joke is reversing Joe Biden’s electoral victory in the state in 2020 in favor of the Orangeutan, berating Macy’s department store for selling hijabs to its Muslim customers, and advocating forced birth for a 14 year old child raped by her uncle, placing a web-ad attacking Nessel’s boss Michigan Governor, whom Dixon trails in their gubernatorial race by double digits, accusing Whitmer of deviously plotting to accredit a legion of RuPauls to replace school teachers – who are probably among Whitmer’s strongest supporters – to give children make-up tips…



Sounds about right…




One born every minute.

Drag queen taco trucks on every corner! Now that’s a winning plank!

🙌 🙌 🙌


One would think that Dixon has a least one political operative smart enough to tell her she already has the batshit MAGA vote locked down and perhaps she should pivot to the middle and try to make up some ground there.

Good news for Whitmer – it appears she doesn’t.

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  1. Tudor Dixon (@TudorDixon) / Twitter › tudordixon
    tudor dixon michigan from
    Worked in steel manufacturing, mom of four girls, breast cancer survivor, Granddaughter of Whitmer nursing home victim & GOP Nominee for Governor of Michigan.

  2. All this talk about drag queens from conservatives makes me think of a certain Republican who once had a penchant for dressing in drag for “gags” at GOP gatherings. Good ole Rudy G. If that’s the image that pops to Tudor’s mind I can see why even she wouldn’t want that in a classroom!

  3. A drag queen in every classroom would be better than all the book bans going down.

    Aside from the over-the-top dressing, etc. that typical drag queens are known for, what is the problem with having them in the classroom? Some might think it odd but the drag queen demographic does not molest children, unlike conservative pols and religiousos, do not shoot up schools (or anything else for that matter), in fact they don’t do anything other than wear women’s clothes/make-up and sometimes they feel a great need to burst into song. So what in the fuck is the problem? More to the point: who in their right mind gives a fuck? We have a planet that will be uninhabitable to humans before too long, insane people who should be locked up but instead are allowed to wander around armed with lethal weapons, stupidity is increasing exponentially, but we worry about some guy’s hobby/lifestyle (and yes folks, this one is a lifestyle unlike homosexuality, etc.).

    The country, in fact this world, is full of idiots and I suspect there is no hope for humanity.

  4. I want a classroom with teachers who read aloud, encourage learning and creativity and critical.thinking,,and teach facts.

    What they do outside of school is not anyone’s business.

    This broad is a hateful.idiot, kinda like our resident troll red 4751.

  5. I have no idea why she is running in this state! Biden won, and they gathered over 800,000 signatures in a couple months to put the abortion issue on the ballot. I don’t believe she has much of a chance, and I am sick of her “no exceptions” sh** on TV.

  6. i can’t help wondering why so many real R’s (not the MAG-gots and Qs) aren’t outraged at being treated like gullible idiots by the nutjobs who spout this kind of bullshit. Like the whole litterbox idiocy, it’s insulting on so many levels. Being talked down to is not appreciated by most people with any sense of self awareness or decency.

    • Because, for so many decades now, those “real R’s” have only cared about the “R” by the name and nothing else. (It would help, of course, if those “real R’s” would get their asses off the couch and down to the voting booths on primary election day and then they could rein in all the nutjobs.)

      • They have for 50+ years been the party of rich white men who have to drum up fears,lies, and false promises to uneducated working class dumbasses because they are the minority and still are. Not one of them is innocent. Look how the revisionist history they create makes the traitor Reagan a goddamn saint. What a crock of evil shit.


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