As Russia continues in Ukraine its destruction of civil infrastructure and once beautiful cities, as Putin pretends to care about only securing the Donbas and a land bridge to Crimea after failing to capture Kyiv and assassinate President Zelenskyy in February and March, Tucker Carlson and his guests continue to pimp the Kremlin’s stale propaganda on his nightly “news” show – proclaiming that the war is the fault of the Ukrainian people and their desire to throw off the yoke of oppression Moscow has place upon them for decades, and the fault of Europe and the U.S. for promoting their right to do so.

Last evening’s guest on the Carlson Kremlin Apologist hour was Douglas Macgregor who, for want of a better comparison is somewhat of a General Patton type figure; Macgregor made his reputation as a brilliant armor commander during the first Gulf War against Iraq in 1991 by cutting through and decimating a contingent of Iraqi tanks at The Battle of 73 Easting, which is described as “The last great tank battle of the 20th century” by some, though I would contend that The Iraqi Republican Guard was no Panzer Corp, and its commander, whose name is lost to history, no Rommel.

Though Macgregor swashbuckled his way into U.S. military history with this achievement, his commanders were less than enamored of his exploit, contending that he out-ran his air support during the maneuver, endangering his troops, and had failed to keep them appraised of his movements. As a result, though he had significant support with-in the ranks, he was passed over for command three times… relegating him to the station of in-the-rear command colonel for what would have been the rest of his career.

Rather than suffer this perceived indignity, Macgregor retired from the military in 2004.

Long story short, like his fellow embarrassed army careerist Michael Flynn, Macgregor sought succor for his wounded pride in Russia, popping up on Russian Television (RT), after the annexation of Crimea in 2014, to rail against the U.S. for our actions defending Kosovo against Russia’s ally Serbia in the 90s, and encouraging Russia to take over not just Crimea, but also the Donbas region of Ukraine.

Again compressing his story just a bit, this stance on RT made him a perfect candidate for the Trump administration, and he was appointed as a senior advisor to Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller in 2020.

Make of that what you will.

Now, on to the Tucker appearance last night, where Macgregor alleged that Ukraine has no hope of winning the current conflict, that it is “bled dry” and the war is the fault of the U.S. and it is the U.S., and not Putin, who raises the specter of nuclear war.

They have a right to say what they will, Tony, but we have a right to look into who is financing them.

Say what you will about Tokyo Rose, but she never pretended to be an American Patriot.




Like the rest of the right, they feel slighted.


Yes, and…

Fox News continues to be a poison, undermining democracy both here and abroad.

And a third or more of America watches it religiously.

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  1. Macgregor sounds more like a discount Douglas MacArthur, a gloryhound with zero self-awareness minus MacArthur’s genuine skill at his job. Patton at least had enough sense to know his limits and faults.

      • Oh, agreed, Spike. In fact, another comparison that comes to mind is the scheming, slow, closet white supremacist general George McClellan from the Civil War. The more I hear about him, the more of a Macgregor style asshole he comes off as.

          • Behavior is the truth, little troll. Yours tells me everything I’d ever need to know about you. If you don’t like the idea of me throwing it in your face on the regular, LEAVE. If this is the closest you can manage to an intimate relationship, get therapy. But whatever move you make, you know less than NOTHING.

          • And knowledge is the key you loser in life. Where’s your truth? Sounds more like an opinion. Kind of like asses and elbows. Where’s your documented truth asshole.

  2. After the first three weeks of this war, he should have re-evaluated his position.
    Now that it’s six months old, he should STFU, because he’s been wrong about everything.

  3. “push us into a corner and everybody dies.” Screw Tucker. What does Biden’s handlers say?
    OMG Trump was suppose to be getting us in nuclear war. Looks like the jokers running this country will be getting us all killed.

  4. JUST IN.
    Prosecutors recommend not charging Gaetz in sex-trafficking case, citing witness credibility, report.
    How many stories did this Natzi publication print about Gaetz? Are you going to apotogize to us and Gaetz?

    • No asshole. 98% of rapes/sexual assault don’t get prosecuted. What a fool/tool to believe he’s innocent just because they decide not to prosecute. Hey you fancy yourself an informed nazi lover…just a question: did you believe orange Hitler when he said ON TAPE that if you ask for a pardon that’s a sign you’re guilty? Well…it’s been proven Maddie asked for a pardon. Can you add 1+ 1? Or is math forbidden in your nazi cult? Liar.

      • Plus there’s the question of sourcing. This DOJ is leak-proof as a rule. And depending on deep in the weeds Gaetz is in with Trump, there’s likely more going on. So don’t be surprised if this gets blown up in a few months.

          • “In the future I will be correcting you with documents.” Why wait? do it now – I dare you! Double Dog! (Triple Dog?) You got nuthin’ and you know it. Just a bag of hot, fetid air. You haven’t presented a single, verifiable fact since you began posting here.

          • You couldn’t correct a first grade English homework assignment! But that’s not the point, is it? No, you want to jam that sweet “owning the libs” outrage in your veins like the junkie you are.

            Attention, everyone else: I’m officially accepting bets on how long this fool lasts before he gets the ban hammer. Any wagers?

  5. Says the Natzi that writes/fabricates articles in a Natzi publication everyday. The truth hurts doesn’t it? The Democratic party indorses abortion. 40% of blacks are exterminated every year through abortion you creep. Just like they did to the Jews. Just like they will do with the Republicans. And my middle finger to you sir. Lover of death.

    • In 2013 for first time there were more blacks aborted than whites in the usa.
      Total white abortions, 322.000 aborted white baby’s.
      Total black abortions, 333,000 aborted black baby’s.
      Blacks make up only 13.6% of the usa population. Yet almost 1/2 the black babies are exterminated every year.

  6. I am beginning to wonder which is worst, the fucking Christians or the fucking Nazi’s. Maybe they are equally bad, right up their with Republicans who think abortion is murder.

    • Fanatics of any kind are insufferable, rigid and just too dangerous to tolerate. Any deviation from their dogma is something to be destroyed. That applies to both Nazis and the Christianists.

  7. I get banned all the time. The censors on this site are either republiCLOWNS or just plain stupid.
    (Moderator’s Note: Not the first time I’ve been called stupid and surely won’t be the last. In fact, between growing up playing sports (into college) and later on during the process of being transformed from a civilian into a Marine I’ve been called stupid and worse rather loudly & intensely and in far more colorful language. I take criticism seriously though and if you feel you’ve been censored I’m sorry you feel that way. However your use of the term “banned” isn’t accurate. Had you been banned you would be here commenting now. As for censorship our policy is to allow quite a lot. Including the MAGA idiots that seem to show up here in increasing numbers spouting “stoopid” opinions. What might get a comment sent to the trash bin or edited is direct threats of violence and/or incitement of others to commit it, questionable links (and I’ve wound up with my computer getting shit on it from checking some out while deciding whether to clear a comment for publication) and of course outright spam. Porn stuff, sales pitches, and though maybe they’ve had other things to focus on since a certain war was initiated stuff that appears to be from a certain dictator’s troll farms. Certain domain names and countries of origin are but one tip off. Anyway, I again apologize if you feel you’ve been censored at times.)


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