If there has been one interview that Donald Trump has given that is lightyears beyond all the rest it is the one that Jonathan Swan of Axios did back in the days of COVID. The clip that you’re about to see here has memorable lines and photos from that interview, which I recommend you watch in full if you missed it the first time. Swan, originally from Australia, was very polite to Trump but he was also persistent. He kept the interview from going off point and he kept Trump from going off the deep end. This is not easy. Trump walked off stage when Lesley Stahl began to get under his skin. To be honest, I’m not sure why he didn’t do that here. My only criticism of this slip is that it’s so short. I could watch this all night.

Here is the entire interview if you missed it the first time. It is epic. Swan doesn’t let Trump get away with anything stupid, which other *journalists* do as a matter of course. (Let’s not talk about Kristen Welker.) When Trump says there are “manuals” about COVID testing, Swan pipes up, “Manuals? What manuals?” There are none, there never were. But what’s great here is that Swan doesn’t let Trump ride roughshod over the facts. He quietly and persistently steers Trump back to the questions and corrects him. Trump makes it clear from the moment he sits down that he hates being there and his discomfort only grows.

Our culture would be so much better off if this was the journalistic norm and not some remarkable exception.

I hope that the Biden-Harris campaign will take more clips from this to prove what an utter moron we had in the White House for four years. Since Anthony Fauci’s memoir is set to be published in the next few weeks, now is the perfect time.

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  1. Swan on trump’s attempt to scuttle the ship before he left the captain’s chair. This is a preview of what he would do if he ever got back in it.

  2. Walked out of the interview with Leslie Stahl but didn’t with Jonathon Swan. What’s the difference? C’mon Ursula-look at the genitalia f.f.s. Von Shitzinpants will not take what he considers to be lippiness from a female. From a male? More likely to. Von Shitzinpants may be all over the place when he talks to dumb-ass ceo’s who come when ordered to (can’t see it any other way than that) but when it comes to females, he’s a pig always and forever and has no respect for them. He has proven this every worthless day of his worthless life.

    • That’s part of it, yes. But with Stahl he was in the CBS studios (I think) and here he’s at the White House and Swan was invited to talk about COVID. It was a lot harder to get out of.


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