Trump’s Tulsa Rally Was A Flop, And They Know It.


Apparently the bloom is officially off of the rose. Trump’s much vaunted campaign launch rally is over, and to say that it was underwhelming would be kind. And the results of this rally are going to dog the Trump campaign for days, if not weeks.

It was supposed to be the Cecil B DeMille spectacular to end all spectaculars. The Trump campaign bragged that they were more than oversold out for the 19,000 seat arena that they booked.  They were going to use the convention center next door for overflow seating, with big screen TV’s  and piped in audio from the blessed event.

And in the end, it all came a cropper. I just saw footage on MSNBC, and there were two Trump acolytes sitting in what appeared to be the second balcony, their arms spread out over chair backs, with nothing but a sea of empty seats all around them. I just heard an estimate that the arena was at least 1/4 full.

But that doesn’t mean that nobody cares. There was a Black Lives Matter rally outside of the venue that by appearances may have been just about as large, if not marginally larger than the crowd inside of the arena. And they weren’t going anywhere.

This was a total debacle, and the Trump campaign and the White House knows it. Before the rally was even over, the campaign put out a bad tempered press release, blaming protesters and the media for the less than sterling crowd size. This had to come as somewhat of a surprise to the media, who had been covering the growing number of bucket heads that had lined up for seats since Tuesday.

Trump was Trump. Nothing more, and nothing less. He peddled hatred, racism, and threw out as much red meat as he could chuck while he was busy blowing a dog whistle with his mouth. He railed against the radical left, and he ranted about AOC and Ilhan Omar, and the rest of the squad, and he repeated ad nauseum his endless litany of victimization. But reporters in the arena said that actually, Trump looked listless and unenthusiastic. Personally, I think that Trump was stunned by the vast number of empty seats, which the campaign had no chance to cover up with ceiling to floor drapes.

This is freakin’ Oklahoma that we’re talking about there! Blood red Trump country. There is no way that Trump will lose Oklahoma in the general election, He specifically chose this venue because he could count on rabid support to come out and worship at the Trump alter. Trump has been frustrated and furious for months now that he couldn’t salve his savaged feelings with a good, old fashioned rally before the faithful, and instead he’s greeted with a 3/4 empty auditorium.

Take my word for it, there is going to be blood in the gutters, and not just some lower echelon drones. This was to be Trump’s triumphant emergence from hibernation, and somebody is going to have to pay. At this point there is nobody in the campaign that will be safe from Trump’s wrath.

There is no way to know what effect, if any, that the coronavirus had on his crowd size, My personal feeling is not much. The people that CNN and MSNBC were interviewing all week were faithful acolytes, they brushed off any questions about fearing infection. The simple fact of the matter is that Trump set up a rally, with a ton of lead time, and pimped the shit out of it online and in the media. But when the time came, the campaign, and Trump’s pwn supporters failed to deliver. There’s an old saying on Broadway, If Opening Night is a flop, then the show is not long for this world. And it’s hard to see this debacle as anything other than a flop.

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  1. I hope the republicans start running for the hills. This was a HUGE let down. I he a feeling it would be. Very happy I was right. The vulnerable repubs have to be so worried right now. It’s great.

    • mae, I was THRILLED to see that coverage!!! And when they chowed some cell phone video from the main floor, almost the entire 2nd balcony appeared to be empty!!! lol Trump must be telling the pilots on AF1 to divert and bomb Sweden…lol

      • You raise the central question, whether the lousy attendance was due to COVID-19 — which I assumed it was. Trump love is one thing, being crazy and risking your life is something else. If it was NOT the virus, that accounted for the less than yuuuge crowd, then Trump is in some deep shit. I mean very deep shit. He better hope it was the virus, because if it was his appeal having gone down, then as you also point out, this was Red State ville. If he can’t pull an audience in a red state, then he is toast.

          • Exactly, Anastasia! Ergo, it wasn’t the virus, the protesters or the media that kept them away. It was just they didn’t want to go. Also, those million tickets Parscale was bragging about? Looks like some Gen Z Tik Tok users punked him by grabbing those to set him up for this pratfall, per Twitter. If true, my hopes for the future have been reaffirmed.

          • Cheers for the Tik Tok lobby! I laughed out loud when I read about those kids and the mom who started the whole thing! Yes, there is hope for the future!

          • I got a laugh reading a twitter thread with people talking about finding out their kid had signed up, or knowing that they had and were proud of them.

          • You beat ne to it – I was going to point that out. It raises the question – would giving that as the reason be more or less humiliating than trying to find legitimate excuses for legitimate supporters to stay away in droves? I would have thought the TikTok story would be less humiliating – but I’m not a narcissist, so I don’t really know. And, of course, they may not yet have heard about it.

        • The central question as you put it is a complicated one with an even more complicated answer both in the short and long terms.

          As anastasjoy points out Trump’s supporters don’t believe in the virus. I’ve no doubt a substantial number of them don’t, but even before yesterday have wondered if there are a significant number who do. I suspect many more than we might think are in fact afraid of the virus, and are caught in the position of having to choose between practicing some basic precautions like wearing a mask, social distancing etc. and not pissing off the bulk of the people they know and live among. IOW a “silent majority” of MAGAts that have begun to question their orange hued turd emperor. So maybe, just maybe some of them and perhaps even a significant number of them have been quietly terrified (and not just over Covid-19) and say one thing to friends, family and co-workers but know in their hearts they were mistaken to have ever believed in Trump.

          Remember how in 2016 there was talk (with some evidence to back it up) that there were people who intended to and did vote for Trump but wouldn’t admit it at the time? Well, if anyone’s been wondering if this time around it might work the other way I think we might have gotten a strong hint at an answer.

          People (simple minded ones!) have travelled far and wide to attend one of these rallies. In a state like Oklahoma that’s so blood red Trump wouldn’t have had to spend a singe minute in to win come November it was safe to assume he really would pack even a 19k seat arena to the rafters and have a huge crowd outside even in the midst of the outbreak. That’s why the state was chosen in the first place, to “eliminate” the chances the boss would walk out to a view of so many empty seats even HE couldn’t miss them! His aides surely thought they had protected Trump (and themselves) from such a horrific scenario. Trump himself was probably giddy over finally being able to once again bask in the glow of an SRO crowd screaming their heads off. Oops!

          Getting back to my premise about people being torn in their family/home life about letting anyone know they aren’t drunk on the Kool-Aid making excuses to NOT attend the rally was probably plausible enough to pass muster so they took a pass. In stunning, and hugely embarrassing (for Trump) numbers. I’m sure that they will still make all the same noises to family, friends etc. about how “awesome” Trump is and how they can’t wait to vote for him come November but at this point, after last night I think for a significant number of them they wouldn’t vote for Trump any more than they would vote for a Democrat.

          That last point matters. While they will continue to talk the Trump talk, when it comes time to “walk” it as in voting time I think a lot of them, maybe in “bigly, Yuge” numbers won’t do it. No, most of them won’t vote for a Democrat but not voting for Trump whether leaving their vote for President blank, voting third Party or even writing in someone else’s name is something that a shitload of MAGAts are actually considering at this point.

          A lot can change between now and November. I’m still of the school of thought that we have to work and/or act like we are way the hell behind because the GOP will be pulling out all the stops in their efforts to both suppress the vote and outright hack voting systems and change results. In the meantime, and especially in the next week or two however we need to keep pressure on so that the media keeps mentioning and more importantly showing all those empty seats in that arena, preferably videos of panning the arena with Trump being on stage blathering his bullshit. And reminding folks this was in a CITY in OKLAHOMA. Slap the MAGAts around the country with some reality they can’t ignore. Make them, if only to themselves ask the question “If that’s all that will show up in a place like Oklahoma then is the ‘lamestream’ media actually right (at least on some stuff) and Trump is bad news?”

          The Covid-19 virus and his inability to generate even half-assed success dealing with it has been bad enough, but what would really kill Trump’s prospects is a “doubt virus” taking root in MAGA world. And turning into an epidemic. Such a virus has been introduced at his Tulsa rally. This is one virus we should hope becomes an epidemic. I for one will when given a chance while out and about and in contact with MAGAts do my best to spread it!

          • So much of what you say resonates, although it’s hard to gauge how many Trump supporters might secretly be having second thoughts.

            I’m not sure the value of saying “A lot can change between now and November.” That sort of feels like saying “knock on wood.” Because one thing won’t change: the personality and character of Donald Trump. I think we see he cannot pivot, he cannot adjust, he can only double down. Any rational political consultant would have told him that continuing to go on – and on and on and on — about the West Point debacle would only blow up in his face. Heck, any rational human being could tell you that going on and on about an embarrassing moment was only going to keep it alive. But he couldn’t be stopped from spending almost 15 minutes on it, and embellishing it in ways that were obviously untrue (his long exchange with the lt. gen. when we can clearly see that no words were exchanged after they left the podium). A sensible person drops it. A REALLY sensible person would have said “I have a little bursitis in my shoulder” instead of making a big show of drinking a glass of water, or “The stiffness in my knee was acting up.” And there would have been literally no more talk about it.

            But Trump is incapable of controlling the narrative — he just runs with what he always does. And it’s going to take him down. Yes, we should be wary of Republican voters suppression but they’re doing it because they know that without it, there’s a 100% chance they lose.

        • The virus, and the bloom being off that rose, and the talk about how many tickets people had signed up for – no one really wants to stand around in a huge crowd, for hours, in the summer sun.

          • No PJ, that’s exactly the problem…Back in 2016, people DID want to stand in line, the campaign would announce a rally, give out the tickets, announce a sellout, and people would STILL come out and stand in line hoping to get in due to no-shows…There may have been a few ratfucking games with ticket hogging, but back in 2016, that arena would have been SRO

        • Cpvid may have played a part, but I don’t think it was the decisive issue…This rally was caustic from the start, and to ber perfectly honest, after 3 1/2 years of being pummeled for b eing Trump supporters, I just don’t that his base still has that fire in the belly for a rumble outside of the arena anymore…

        • I wonder what the largest number of tickets reserved for a rally in a city that size was, before this.
          Shouldn’t they have wondered what was happening when they hit more tickets than the population of the city?

    • If you’re happy and you know it, cast your vote! And if Republicans weren’t skeedadling for those hills BEFORE this, it’s probably already too late for the stragglers.

    • Or to use a phrase that lambasted Tony Bennett for his role in The Oscar, “Giving the debut performance that would end his film career…”

  2. If there’s a campaign shakeup, there’s going to be chaos and meltdown even worse. Campaign shakeups are almost always signs that things are disintegrating but many candidates can pivot and rebuild stronger. Trump can’t. He can’t assess real-world skills people bring to the table and will run for whoever blows the most smoke up his ass.

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  4. I hope the republicans start running for the hills. This was a HUGE let down. I he a feeling it would be. Very happy I was right. The vulnerable repubs have to be so worried right now. It’s great.

  5. I hope the republicans start running for the hills. This was a HUGE let down. I he a feeling it would be. Very happy I was right. The vulnerable repubs have to be so worried right now. It’s

  6. Per Hoarse Whisperer on Twitter (who suffered through the rally with the inadequate fortification of three beers), the final estimate on the crowd was a little under 6,300. That would have filled up my high school gymnasium but not THAT place.

  7. Oh, I’m sure Team Trump will come to some rationale–maybe, “If we’d just held the rally when His Lordship originally said, there wouldn’t have been room for any protestors within 50 miles of the auditorium; it’s too bad His Lordship was persuaded by evil people to change the date over something as stupid as a fake holiday.” (Granted, the second half probably won’t be worded anything like that but Trump’s base will get the appropriate dog whistle and it’ll certainly keep Trump from looking “weak” to the base since changing the date wasn’t himself’s idea. Not to mention, his base will have completely forgotten that Trump even acknowledged the date’s importance by the time whatever excuse/rationale is developed and released.)

  8. Trump’s LIFE is a flop and most reasoned people with half a brain know this. DJT is a failure at so many levels it is all but impossible to keep count. But, one thing Trump has succeeded at? LYING! What is the latest count? 10,000? 15,000? 20,000? If he could fill those seats with all his lies, he would have had a full house. ????

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  10. If I could be happier over this flop, I’d be positively giddy. Hoped last night when I went to bed this would be the outcome, but with this nutjob in the WH one never knows. Agree with you Murf–there will be blood on the White House lawn. Whose heads roll is one of the questions of the day–Parscale? Or the entire campaign team? And certainly it was the fault of the BLM protesters–because they were peaceful and polite, ergo they wouldn’t entertain the possibility of a race riot; which was ridiculous, never mind totally racist as well. The beginning of the end folks.

    • If he dumps his campaign team now, including Parscale who engineered his electoral college victories, he’s crisper toast than ever.

  11. Sooooo, the “Million MAGAt March” was a trifle short of a million! How ‘bout that? Even the TRumpsters can’t lie 6,200 into a million MAGAts.

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