One of the frustrating things about covering Traitor Tot is the fact that the stupid shit can’t just say something, everything has to be self aggrandizing. For instance, Trump can never just say I’m having a bacon cheeseburger for lunch. No, instead it has to be After personally inspecting the grill and utensils, and ensuring the beef if fresh, I’ll be having a bacon cheeseburger for lunch.

And he just did it again today with his Bullshit Social post concerning his imminent arrest. It goes something like Due to illegally leaked information from the DA’s office, we now know that I will be arrested on Tuesday in Manhattan. We need to protest to take our country back!

What a load of pure, unadulterated bullshit, both halves. First, if it was illegally leaked information, how come FrankenTrump heard it first? If somebody in Bragg’s office was going to leak, he’s leak it to The New York Times, or The Washington Post, or The Wall Street Journal, in order to maximize the splash. Not to Trump. I wonder if it isn’t what I’ve written about previously, Bragg contacted Trump’s lawyers to allow him to voluntarily show up at the courthouse on Tuesday for processing and booking. That’s not a leak.

Likewise the back half screams of bullshit. I will be arrested on Tuesday in Manhattan. Really? How now, brown cow? Every report I’ve seen today has His Lowness bunkered up in Mar-A-Lago. Even if indictments are announced on Tuesday, how the hell are you going to get arrested in Manhattan if you’re on the 11th green? Seems to me like you’re telegraphing your punches again.

Can anybody here remember a late December tweet telling supporters to Come to Washington for a rally on January 6th. Will be wild! Here we go again. Trump called them to Washington to spool them up and turn them loose on the Capitol. And today, with no official notice that any charges are imminent, Trump is announcing that he will be arrested in Manhattan on Tuesday, meaning he will be traveling up there for no particular reason. But he sure as sit wants everybody to know where he’ll be.

We need to protest to take our country back! There’s your action verb right there, protest! Trump is doing everything he did for January 6th, only he’s doing it all by social media now, since he knows he isn’t going to be able to make a speech on Tuesday. Here’s where I’ll be, and here’s what you all need to do.

Now you know why the city, FBI, and Secret Service all got together yesterday to work out logistics and security for indictments and booking, no matter what day they occur on. And if there are mass protests in New York on Tuesday, or whatever day, you’re going to see a completely different police presence in front of that courthouse. One January 6th was quite enough, thank you very much.

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  1. I’m afraid Trump is going to be a little disappointed , the people in New York can’t stand him, they are probably thrilled he is going down.

  2. All it takes is one wing nut with a military weapon. Otherwise the party crowd will dwarf the crowd size of the magats. Sean? Calling Sean Spicer. Sean. What do you see in these pictures?

  3. The Associated Press reports today that response to the dumpster’s call to arms has proven less than enthusiastic. Because the DUMPF can’t keep his mouth shut, even his most avid cultists are getting a bit tired of the constant whining. They might think he’s getting a raw deal, but they won’t bestir themselves enmass to leave the FAUX coverage from the comfort of their living rooms.


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