Ah, the denizens of Sin City do know how to welcome conmen and lunatics to its desert oasis. It always has. Everybody from Howard Hughes to Dennis Montgomery, the Hammer & Scorehard conman who used to gamble a lot, have ended up in Nevada. The desert has a strange ambiance all its own. Vegas is known for glittery lights. And I mean everywhere. When I first moved here I noticed that palm trees were festooned with twinkie lights and people have colored lights in their homes. I used to walk around my apartment complex at night and see black lights in some houses, green lights on people’s balconies, all kinds of colors. So I went out and bought a 7 foot fiber optic tree and put it on a two foot high stand in my living room. It blinks and strobes colored lights 365 days a year. It’s always festival time in Vegas and here’s how Donald Trump was welcomed today.

Full disclosure: there are people in the threads saying the top image of The Sphere is photoshopped. I honestly don’t know and I’m not going to drive down there and look. So if it’s real or fantasy, take it in the spirit it’s meant. But the billboard is real. Those are being put up in different states as we speak.

Jimmy Kimmel was born back east but he did go to high school here, with Catherine Cortez Masto, as a matter of fact.

Here’s Michael McDonald, currently under indictment for interfering with the 2020 election. Also, Trump is estimating this crowd as 20,000 people. So that makes it what, four?

Yes, Virginia, we have a convicted felon running for president of these United States. You live long enough, you see everything.

And of course there’s this.ย Here’s the link to Craigslist.

Trump does wave at non existent crowds. And he seems to hear cheers that are also non existent. It was his habit to say, “Thank you very much,” every day after court during the hush money trial. Nobody was cheering or clapping, it was just reporters standing there waiting for him to read from his sheaf of “legal expert” articles for the day.

I must say, that does make a bit more sense. And of course Trump’s people put out videos saying that the line into Sunset Park “was a mile long.” If they’re paying $75 for a few hours work, yeah, it could well be.


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  1. Anyone dig a hole in the desert big enough for the white whale yet? Where’s Joe Pesci when you need him?

  2. I’d make book that the “Fuck Trump” thing on that spherical monstrosity was photo-shopped. The other two? Maybe. The one asking for 20-24 years in prison for Von Shitzinpantz would be the most likely one. Can anyone purchase time to put those messages up or is it only available for use for shows at that venue?

    Now should all of those messages have been there to welcome Von Shitzi? Oh hell yeah and in fact they should have used his new nickname.


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