Over on Twitter, user @emptywheel, a dogged drumpf watcher since the beginning of his besmirchment of the Residency, posted a long annotated thread covering the hearing last Thursday into the matter of appointing a Special Master to confuse the facts of drumpf’s obvious guilt that drumpf proposed, and judge-shopped for, landing it in the courtroom of his favored self-appointed Heritage Foundation judge, Aileen Cannon (above).

Like I said at the onset, it is a long thread, and very informative, though perhaps too lengthy to post in a diary in which I want to highlight one specific issue.

But you can read emptywheel’s entire critique of the proceeding by clicking on the first tweet I post below, and emptywheel has helpfully linked to the full court transcript here.

Before I get to the subject of my diary, here are the first two tweets of emptywheel’s thread so you can click over to read if you wish, and to establish the general tenor of the courtroom conversations, which are, quite frankly, terrifying:

(Note: Christopher Kise is the new competent lawyer and former Florida Solicitor General that drumpf hired when shit got real.)

Excuse me, Mr. Kise, but I thought the issue here was the fact that your client stole and was in illegal possession of highly classified documents at his shithole of a hotel.

Silly me.

Emptywheel continues her dissection of the proceeding, during which Cannon herself remarkably suggests that her client…er… the defendant’s fourth amendment protection was “violated” by the search, even though the FBI had a search warrant based on abundant probable cause, and signed by a real judge.


Below is the tweet wherein we get to the issue at the heart of this post, Cannon’s assertion that she might “temporarily pause” the DOJ’s ability to use the purloined documents to build a criminal case against the thief-in-chief, while allowing the continued use of them by Intelligence to assess the damage the file’s exposure might have caused the nation:

And my own enhancement:

“Pause” the criminal investigation, Judge?

To what purpose?

To allow the Orangeutan to continue to traipse freely around the country, holding his hate rallies to enflame his rabid armies of orcs to carry out his obvious goal of attacking and destroying our Republic?

It is my opinion, Judge Cannon, that your handling of this court proceeding has provided ample probable cause for the DOJ to subpoena your own phone and email records to ascertain was sort of undue influence the Orangeutan and his minions have asserted on you to make you entertain such ridiculous positions.

With such a display of ineptitude one can only wonder what other time-bombs the Heritage Foundation has managed to bury within our Judiciary.

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  1. No ma’am, you cannot pause a DOJ/FBI investigation who in the fuck do you think you are? I’m guessing you’re fucking nuts. I sure as hell hope Garland tells her to piss up a rope. Ought to be entertaining since she’s stupid enough to try.

  2. This judge has already shown herself to be a Trump stooge. She indicated she was inclined to appoint a master before she even heard from DOJ.
    Now, we know how many top secret documents Trump has stolen and lied about. We have reason to believe there are more and others may have been sold to Putin and others. (E.g., the Saudis gave Jared $2 billion.)
    And this bitch still wants to give this disgraced low-life a master?
    Cannon is a disgrace in her own right. I agree that impeachment should end her career.

  3. Look closer here, people…Cannon just wants this to GO AWAY. While she’s busy spouting off all these maybes and possibilities, you notice how she’s not actually STOPPING the Feds from doing anything? She’s the effing judge here! Nothing’s really stopping her from making a ruling. Well, except that the second she does, the DOJ files an emergency appeal, the judge on that will likely follow the law and she winds up with permanent egg on her face and legal career. And that this pause can’t unring the bell of the COMPLETED document sorting the Feds already did.

    She never wanted this case in the first place but she’s in too deep to flat-out defy Trump here. So she’s trying to thread the needle, make noises to keep FPOTUS mollified while not actually doing anything. The goal is to get this out of her court with a minimum of blowback. To quote Kamil Galeev on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, nice idea, won’t work. She’ll just wind up hated by both sides this way.

  4. Cannon looks eerily like Coney Barret. Since they both come from the Heritage Foundation, they probably belong to the same religious cult as well as the MAG-got cult. We need to get a petition going NOW to impeach this Q stooge.

  5. She was an AUSA, but has been a Federalist Society member since early in law school, if not before. She’s always been suspect, and doesn’t even recognize that just filing a motion about a search warrant issued in a different court doesn’t create a case in hers.

  6. Point of concern: I haven’t seen much on DOJ accessing the hard drives of Trump’s copiers. If not it would certainly be an advantage to the DOJ in this case.

  7. This GOP-Nazi judge is not going to be good for impartial justice or following the rule of law: At least 2 times this year when a GOP bribe taking judge appointed a special master in a lawsuit, the special master was NOT impartial & the JUDGE was not impartial, and the result was a blatantly illegal Jim Crow decision.

    1) In late August, Arizona Superior Court GOP-Nazi bribe-taking Judges kept going back and invalidating public signatures until the total number of valid signatures dropped below the minimum needed to include the Arizonans for Free and Fair Elections initiative onto the November 8, 2022 ballot. They stopped after the total was just slightly less than the number needed. No explanation on how or why they were invalid in the Judges final ruling. Over 200,000 Arizona voter signatures were thrown out to make this happen. https://blogforarizona.net/republican-judges-combine-to-keep-the-arizonans-for-free-and-fair-elections-initiative-off-the-ballot/

    2) In New York, a GOP Judge hearing a gerrymandering lawsuit appointed a supposedly impartial out-of-state special master to redraw the lines of NY State Senate districts. This special master was a GOP-Nazi former Vegas bartender with the resulting new boundaries specifically gerrymandered to increase the number of elected GOPs in the NY State Senate in November and to reduce the number of Democrats representing NY in the NY State Senate. It did so by specifically separating Black, Latinx and Jewish neighborhoods into separate districts and combining them with GOP voting areas. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/05/28/nyregion/jonathan-cervas-redistricting-maps-ny.html

  8. It looks to me like she is part of the wide ranging conspiracy to overthrow the government.
    Mitch has been working on it since he discovered that he couldn’t get a real job.
    Lawyers overthrowing the government.

  9. Make no mistake. the Dumpf is responsible for unqualified judges appointed during his reign of terror, but never, NEVER forget that it was that slimy toad Mitch McConnell who ame up with the bi idea of packing the lower courts with radicals and then manipulating the supreme to get a majority there. This situation has succeeded beyond their fondest dreams up to a point, Add to this that rethugs have a way of getting majorities in power in almost every census year, which helps them to skew population numbers and then gerrymander new congressional districts, which can be upheld by a radicalized supreme court. It all ties together in such a way that it is essential to the survival of the rest of us to get control of our message and get out the vote and challenge any irregularities as vociferously as the right does now. If we don’t stop internal squabbles and get some of that right wing discipline in our message, all Biden’s good words and intentions will not get anywhere. This judge is just one little virus, but look at the potential damage this virus has already caused.


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