Melania must have forgotten to grind up Valium into the Diet Coke, again, either that or hubby found the Adderall stash or maybe Junior gave him a bump. All we know is that Trumpty Dumpty is wired right now and he’s got all kinds of plans on how to renovate the government, just the very zeptosecond that he takes office.

Good. We’ve been hoping for some kind of a platform on the part of the GOP. Nice to see progress is getting made.

Progress towards what, exactly, becomes the operant question? Because this sure sounds like a fascist takeover to me. Actually, it sounds like an 800 number personal injury lawyer at 3:00 a.m. declaring how he will fight, fight fight for you.

Radical, Marxist prosecutors? Okay. These must be the same people that Marge Greene sees out of the corners of her eye, when she proclaims that “America is broke and crime and cartels are in charge.” So, was there a revolution in the streets, overnight, and I slept through it? Or did “they” just fall from the skies, like in Red Dawn?

That is Trump’s top line schematic for how the government will work, invocation of martial law.

But you’ll really love it when he gets down to the local, everyday school level. He’s going to hand a paddle to DOJ employees and they’re going to spank bad children. Or something.

Did somebody just screen a copy of Wild In The Streets for Trump? Sure sounds like it to me.

And you knew this was coming, right?

From there it’s a stone’s throw to the Junior Spies in Orwell’s “1984” who turn in their parents and then Dystopia! We are there!

These are all worthwhile thoughts. The bottom line seems to be that Trump is playing up a strongman, “I’ll get rid of everybody you hate, including your wayward children,” kind of a platform. And the MAGA platform may play to some people.

I don’t know if the mainstream GOP, assuming such a thing still exists, wants to go this fascist, but apparently both Trump and Ron DeSantis think that they do. Destroying education and the school system, as we know it, seems to be an idea coming straight out of Florida these days.

My gut reaction to this is that once again, Trump is very out of touch. He can’t read the room anymore. He did just fine in 2015, 2016, because his level of vitriol was new and exciting. It was like hearing Archie Bunker on TV for the first time. People were blown away that somebody was up there running for president and talking crazy talk about women bleeding from their wherevers, rapists from Mexico, grab ’em by the pussy, shit hole countries, all of it.

That was then and this is now. People have Trump fatigue. They don’t want to hear this anymore. But Trump has no other act, this is it. And as for Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, and whomever else may stumble out of the pack and declare a run, they don’t have any platform which significantly distinguishes them from Trump. So how are they going to pull the necessary numbers to get the nomination? DeSantis is banking on Trump running out of steam and/or self immolating and then he believes he’ll inherit the MAGA base and get on the top of the ticket.

All I can say is what I’ve said before, this is going to be one lit primary. I even feel safe in saying that it’s going to make 2016 look fairly tame.


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