“I guess the definition of a lunatic is a man surrounded by them.” — Ezra Pound

Donald Trump running on the platform of his honesty is a little like the Phantom Of the Opera running on his looks, but that, ladies and gentlemen, is what is being broadcast into the North Carolina night as the MAGA klan convenes, yet once again, in the darkness — both literal and spiritual. Tonight the crazy is as thick as the tanning butter. Trump is up there sweating and gleaming with both.

But don’t take our word for anything, let’s just watch.

Ms. James will be interested to hear that.

And here’s this tasty morsel.

If you’re still with us and you haven’t passed out cold yet, here’s where it went next.

Here’s a little preview of coming events: The Oz endorsement is one that a lot of Republicans are not happy with. Not a tall a tall.

That’s true enough. Here’s a rerun from earlier in the week.

All that’s left now is for Trump to spout from the podium, War is Peace, Slavery is Freedom and the MAGAs to cheer. Wait for it. I, for one, won’t bat an eyelash. I’m too numb. The scar tissue on my nerve endings has scar tissue of its own.

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  1. I think it far more likely that Traitor Tot was “created” by Satan, father of lies! After all, Traitor Tot is most likely the most prolific liar on the face of the planet, besides being just plain EVIL!! He may even literally be the Anti-Christ!!!

  2. I somehow don’t think the FBI investigated either Jesse James or Billy the Kid and as for Al Capone, while the FBI may have had some sort of investigation, it was the IRS that took him down

    • Well, the Bureau of Investigation which was the small unit formed in 1908 when Teddy Roosevelt was President didn’t chase after outlaws. Over the next couple of decades and especially after ole J. Edgar was named head of the BOI its size and scope expanded but it wouldn’t become the full-fledged organization we know as the Federal Bureau of Investigation until 1933. However as I noted even its much smaller and more limited forerunner wasn’t formally established until 1908. In other words, there was no fucking FBI in existence to go after Jesse James or Billy the Kid! Of course facts have never gotten in the way of MAGA world beliefs. I’ll bet they’ve already dutifully handwritten in the passages in their prosperity gospel bibles about how Antifa arrested and killed Jeebus cause he was such a staunch supporter of the second amendment!

  3. I think that flag in the picture at the top of the page is most telling, that the racist, ignorant, hate-filled mentality is what underlies much of America and hides behind the real flag most of the time. All the flag wavers and bible thumpers know a good front when they see one. It’s one of the reasons I most abhor the self-righteous zealots who also profess what great patriots they are, taking what for some are dearly held beliefs just to manipulate and exploit the easily deceived. The worst of the worst.

  4. Did anybody else notice that when fatso said he was the most honest man God ever created that the applause was very faint? Even the crazed MAGA crowd knows that he is a pathological liar, they’re just so nuts they don’t even care! How did we get here?

    • Through greed and ignorance. The ‘pube party has catered to both since at least ronnie ramjet.

      Their “making government small enough to drown in a bathtub” sounded like “no taxes” to the rubes in this country. Of course the rubes do not think about A) the services they are entitled to as members of a sovereign country and B) what about the military-industrial complex–do they think THAT is going to decrease at all; someone has to fund that. Ignoramuses bought into the pablum fed to them by conservatives; the overarching greed of Americans in general did the rest.

      Put another way, we got here through our own devices.


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