Trump Supporting ‘Turning Point USA’ Leader Caught on Video Being Racist AF.


His friend does most of the talking but Turning Point USA Las Vegas Chapter leader Riley Grisar is literally in bed with her giving the white power hand sign:

Turning Point USA was founded and is led by Trump supporter Charlie Kirk:

Donald Trump Jr. spoke at its “Summit Action Meeting” just last year and in 2016.


“At the center of the puzzle of Turning Point USA stands one person: 24-year-old Charlie Kirk, the founder, public face and chief fundraiser for Turning Point USA. He started the group just one day after he graduated from Wheeling High School in suburban Chicago, saying back then that Turning Point USA’s mission was to cheerlead for the free market. The donors I spoke to for this story still see that as central to this mission. (“One thing I like about Turning Point,” Willis says, “is that it is educating these kids, right in front of their socialist professors’ faces, that what they are being told about capitalism is wrong.”) But Kirk, not unlike the GOP overall, has become split between Trump—an ardent trade protectionist whose policies could push the federal deficit over $1 trillion—and the free-market, limited-government principles espoused in the group’s charter.

Kirk spent the last several months of the 2016 presidential election cycle working on social media outreach for the Trump campaign, building close ties with the Trump family. Donald Jr., as the headline speaker at Turning Point USA’s annual summit in December, exchanged bro hugs with Kirk before taking the stage. The president himself called Kirk “a great warrior” at a White House conference on Millennials this past March.”

This video might get lost in the general turmoil of drumpf’s rolling goat rodeo of criminality and corruption but it should be really bad news for Team Trump, Charlie Kirk and Jr.

But fk all those guys that’s what happens when you get in bed with racists and anti-Semites.

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  1. Another lazy, self loathing, inferiority complex loser who takes his disdain for himself out on others by attempting to degrade them instead of taking the time and energy to fix what’s actually wrong with himself.



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