Donald Trump paid his electric bill, apparently. At least now we get to see what his proclamations are like when they’re not done in the dark. But physical light has not leant clarity to his political positions. No, they’ve gotten even whackier.

Now Trump seems to think it’s a real pull in his favor to proclaim that when he’s president, again, there will be more guys like Clarence Thomas on the bench.

I don’t imagine that news is welcome to anybody beyond Ginni and Clarence, but Trump has announced it, nevertheless.

And of course it gets worse. Here is, yet again, that dreadful old wives tale about Democrats who wish to not only abort babies up into the ninth month but want to execute them upon birth. I’m afraid to ask if there are people who actually believe this level of drivel. There must be, right, or why else would Trump be standing there saying it?

Notice how he fumbles and bumbles his way through these two short presentations. He doesn’t seem sure of himself at all. What’s that about, I wonder? Stephen Miller ran into the small Oval Office replica at Mar-a-Lago and cried, “Sir, sir, you must get on social media at once,” and so Trump threw on a tie and just started winging it?

I have an idea. This could all be promo material for Trump’s appearance on Mark Levin’s Fox News show tonight. He’s plastering that all over Truth Social right now, so that must be it.

Back on Fox News, eh what? Does that signal that Rupert has decided that Trump is the one true light and the way? Maybe we should get out that old New York Post editorial about how Trump can’t win because he can’t learn? Maybe it’s time for that.

Hold onto your chairs. Things are going to be dicey until it’s determined what Ron DeSantis is going to do. Then, who knows? Cage match or capitulation? The countdown to May 5 is on.

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  1. Do these dumbasses think we will continue to take this? Do they think the reactionary moron magats are the only ones with firearms?

    • You’re scaring me, Spike. What are you saying? Not that people in their right minds are going to start shooting the neighbors, I hope.

  2. His defamation trial starts this week with a very unsympathetic judge. He’s just trying to change the subject to anything other than defamation.

    • That’s a good point, but think about this: Trump is a master of gaining control of the news cycle when he wants to. Remember when he said he would be arrested the following Tuesday? He just wanted to be the center of attention that weekend. If Trump wanted the same thing for this weekend, he’d have come up with some doozy of a story. I feel certain of that.

  3. The republican policy of putting babies to work, is somehow, deemed less cruel when contrasted with the accusations of baby murder on the other side.

    As intended.

  4. Well, he won’t ever be elected to public office again but instead will live out his days in a public prison.
    And after his “retirement and entitlements” are cut off because he is nothing but a common criminal, he can start showering with the rest of the locked up public.


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