I had a stunning realization the other day, and that was that if the stakes were not so catastrophically high in the event that this bloviating buffoon, this boisterous bozo should return to the Oval Office, that I would be on the floor laughing myself into hysteria day in and day out. But it’s precisely the level of mental unhingery that the GOP presumptive nominee displays daily that makes this episode in our history both a waking nightmare and a non stop comedy. It will be comedic to look back on, long after the danger of this man has passed.

Donald Trump is at a car race today. And for reasons which are not known, he’s taken to saluting everything in sight. My best speculation about this is that after the beating he took in Washington, D.C. last night at the Libertarian Convention that he’s shell shocked and only by saying to himself, “I am the Commander in Chief, I am the Commander in Chief,” and saluting things can he cope with PTSD.


He’s like a toddler. He shifts and mopes, unfocused, because nobody is paying attention to him, as stated. Could that mean he’s not the center of the universe? Nah.

This is amusing. Richard Childress is a honcho in the world of NASCAR and car racing. I daresay he’s not used to having the accommodate the embarrassing vagueries of an over the hill reality TV actor who’s managed to stay in the limelight because he happened to be in the right place at the right time: meaning he got into politics at the presidential level right when the Republican party had a vacuum of leadership. Since nature abhors a vacuum, voila, in Trumpty was sucked and now he is the GOP. And our lives have collectively become a Twilight Zone episode.

Another possibility with the salutes is that he thinks he’s in North Korea surrounded by Little Rocket Man’s generals. Ya spose?

There’s the difference between Trump and Obama, right there. Trump is self obsessed and self aggrandizing. That’s why he’s at an event with a lot of people, to fill up the emptiness inside and to score points with somebody. Obama, on the other hand, is motivated by empathy, kindness and compassion. He’s thinking of other people and doing something to be of service.

The difference between the two men is indescribable. Obama was one of the best presidents in our history, currently ranked at number seven, I believe, whereas Trumpty Dumpty is ranked dead last. And make no mistake, if he would get back in, all ranking of presidents would stop. All legitimate ranking that is. Trump would hand off the ranking task to Stephen Miller or somebody of that ilk and they would rank Trump number one and forget about the rest.

The days of the memory hole and destroying history are nigh. Orwell said, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” Chilling words in what we thought was a dystopian novel until Trump and MAGA came along to show us that it’s right there on our doorstep.

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  1. Thanks for the clarification. I thought his hand got stuck in the lacquer he uses to hold his hair in place.

  2. Maybe, and unfortunately for those on the receiving end of where he acted out and projected, he took it upon himself to practice how to respond for when he dumb shite thinks he going to be the next POTUS. Not! He’s nothing but a puffed-up delusional wanker.

  3. I wonder what all of Trump’s MAGA supporters must be thinking when (if?) they see that picture of him wearing ear protection at the very NASCAR event that none of them would ever be sporting?

    I know it can get very loud at a racetrack (even from just watching it on TV–briefly) but, when you look at the devoted, dedicated fans up in the stands, you don’t see many of them (if any) wearing ear protection. It’s like going to a rock concert and wearing ear protection; it kind of defeats part of the enjoyment of the spectacle. Sure, your ears may be ringing for hours (or days) afterwards but it’s also not like the spectators at the races are going to these things every single day of the week. Most are just one-day events at most, barring weather issues.

    So, to see a picture of “Mr Macho MAGA Man” wearing ear protection (especially at that vantage point) would have to make some of the devotees question just how “manly” their hero truly is. (Even taking into account Trump’s age–and, that’s actually a point that would hurt his image even more because he’s supposed to be this ultimate specimen of manly physical fitness–we all know these “macho he-men” wouldn’t let something like “protecting his delicate hearing” override the need to show just how “strong” he is.)

  4. Why does anyone, childress specifically, put their hand over their heart during amazing grace? I thought that performance was for the pledge. Are these xtian idiots (but I repeat myself) trying to exhibit new ways to make themselves seem holy? I mean, their behavior is about as evil as behavior can be but wtf is a hand clutching their chest going to do besides indicating a cardiac event.


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