Donald Trump is as predictable as the sun rise. The news story would be if he had an epiphany and realized that he really had messed up. That would rock the world. Instead, Trump chimes in again on Truth Social blaming the judge and the jury for being stacked against him.

The argument is being made that there were six men on the jury, and that a couple of the people on the jury said that they got information from Fox News and social media. So when you get right down to it, the jury was a fair one. Not that truth or logic matter. Consider the source.

And of course some Republicans are jumping right in there and agreeing with him how he’s persecuted while the rest are either hiding or claiming that they didn’t hear the verdict and don’t know anything about the case.

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  1. He’s revolting. I’M VERY glad EJ Carroll won. But I think we need to understand that we’re all part of one another…. He is within us and we are within him. Oneness of All. And we would be wise to “do unto him, as we wish to be done unto.” it’s the Universal Law of Attraction — “goes around; comes around.” Besides …he thrives on attention.

  2. That’s the ‘unfair judge’ who held back the trial conclusion for three days so that Trump could fly back from Ireland to testify?
    But then calling rump’s bluff just HAD to be unfair and biased (but at least it rid my country of his presence)


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