Despite his long claim to the title of “World’s Greatest Liar,” Trump can be brutally honest when he’s telling you what he wants to do. Few people paid close enough attention “last time,” to realize that, yes – in fact, he did actually want to do what he was saying and did go through with a lot of what seemed inconceivable. Pardoning friends who refused to testify against him? Inconceivable! He did it. Even someone as wise as President Obama said in hindsight, “I thought the guardrails were stronger than they were.”

*Urs wrote on this last night. I have a very different interpretation and set it out here.

That was the last time. This time, we already know that if Trump is elected, his aides plan to purge the entire federal government of “non-loyalists” in the first week. But only fascists would do such a thing, right? Correct. And Trump is already openly campaigning on bringing fascism into America, and we better fcking listen now while we still have a chance. Because, unlike Urs, I do believe that there is a big Republican audience for this, big enough to get the nomination, and once nominated, we have no idea how the “election” will go. He just needs to get to the House of Representatives. Click the link above. They’re preparing the ground now.

Yesterday, out of the blue, Trump – appro pro of nothing – promised that he would federalize the National Guard and send the military into any city that he sees as not enforcing the law “properly.” Think real hard about the message he is sending:

If that doesn’t shake you to the core, listen again. And again.

What does that even mean, enforcing the law based on race?

First, Trump is signaling that he’ll throw out constitutional guarantees and pound on people of color. Second, he’s going to use the military to enforce the law, just like they do in every other fascist country. And if you think your police department is already too militant, wait until you meet your new department, which isn’t worried about the Constitution. Because Trump will invoke the Insurrection Act on the first day. (Please just take my word on it.)

To the extent that Trump declares the Insurrection Act on the first day, you can bet that those bluest cities and states will effectively wall themselves off from the rest of the country. We will be a fascist country at war with itself.

Oh! And in case you were wondering why the Republicans have been using the word “indoctrination” so much lately? It is because they plan to federalize – with the use of the FBI and troops, if need be – your local high school and college. Listen to Trump declare that he’ll use the DOJ to enforce order in the schools.

No. Trump is not really talking about using the FBI to get the kids that are vaping. He is anticipating outrage at the nation’s colleges and high schools, campus protests, and shutdowns. And he’s promising to “indoctrinate them” to get the “woke” shit out of their filthy minds. I promise you that this is what he means. I plan to write on it later on Substack.

Pay attention now. I have already started compiling the paperwork to get my daughter’s Canadian citizenship finalized. The due date is December 2024.


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  1. 2016: Pundits predicted that President-elect Trump would appoint cabinet members who would “normalize” his presidency. WRONG.
    2017: Rachel Maddow said GOP members of Congress would “do the right thing” if Trump committed impeachable offenses. WRONG.
    2020: Trump apologists said that he would eventually concede the election to Joe Biden. WRONG.
    2022: Trump apologists said he was cooperating with the National Archives in returning classified documents. WRONG
    Time and again, Trump has proven to be even more dangerous than most people can imagine. Yet the cowards in the GOP (pretty much all of them) refuse to ban him from becoming the party nominee. We live in perilous times, indeed.



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