Yes, Donald Trump lies like a rug but he’s entered a new dimension of lying this time. He’s claiming that insulin prices were lowered under the Trump administration (and maybe he’ll claim other prescription prices were lowered as well) and that’s such a stupid thing to do. It can be so easily fact-checked.

Biden lowered drug costs during his first year and then the insulin reduction became permanent in March of 2023. Well do I remember how prescription prices plummeted in 2021 and how joyous I was. I had gone to pick up two prescriptions that usually cost me $73 a month. The cashier said, “Two dollars and thirty-six cents.” I said, “You must have grabbed the wrong bag.” So he checked the prescriptions in the bag and lo and behold, that was the new price. I have a vivid recollection of this because it was so nice to be getting a break on pills that I need medically and not have to pay a bloody fortune for them.

Trump cut the cost of insulin to $35 in 2020 for those on Medicare but Biden persuaded Eli Lilly, the largest manufacturer of insulin in the United States, to lower the cost of insulin by 70% and cap what patients (not just Medicare recipients) pay out-of-pocket for insulin at $35, in 2023. But now Trump is taking credit for something he did not do. Whether it’s because the nuance of what took place escapes him or because he just loves taking credit for everything good (like a booming stock marketbeing based on an expectation of his return to office) who knows?

Trump is set for a debate with Joe Biden on June 27, in Atlanta, with no audience present. The moderators will be CNN anchors Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. They’ve also agreed to a second debate on ABC on September 10, according to the network. Trump’s campaign has requested additional debates in July and August, with Trump himself proposing an October debate hosted by Fox News.

If Trump is going to lie his way through these debates then the moderators need to act as fact checkers. It’s pretty apparent at this point that Trump is deciding what achievements would be good to claim authorship of and he’s doing just that, whether somebody else is responsible for them or not.

You remember Trump claiming that he was responsible for aid to disabled veterans. No he was not. Obama was. Now Trump is using the same playbook on Biden’s administration. Unless the debate moderators are fact checkers and stop his lies in their tracks, the debates will be a fiasco.

Nuance is important. Trump doesn’t do nuance. He does black and white, only. In politics very few things are black and white. A lot of legislation gets started under one administration, by one president, and gets finished by another. Or, legislation will get started one way, stall for a while, and later on get revived. But the people who originated the stalled legislation don’t take credit for it when it’s finally passed. Except for Trump. He’ll take credit for anything that he can because claiming abilities and achievements that he does not in fact possess is the way he has lived his entire life.

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  1. I wonder when the democrats will abandon the comfort of being ‘right’ and realize they are involved in a duel to the death with nazis who honor NO PHUCKING THING BUT ACHIEVING THEIR GOALS OF POWER AND MONEY. The boys at Normandy knew better.

    • To quote that great sage, Meghan Trainor

      “If your lips are moving, if your lips are moving
      If your lips are moving, then you’re lyin’, lyin’, lyin’, baby”

  2. Best not to headline possible dementia. Trump fans will begin to defend his career of lies as having begun just recently, as his memory fades. Thy desperately want to cancel out the fact that his entire life has been built on a structure of lies.


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