Another courtly appearance by the statesman in chief and his classy wife. The two embarrassments that live in our White House made an appearance in Pennsylvania at the site of the downed plane on 9/11. Trump doesn’t know the words to the pledge of allegiance and Melania didn’t even bother. Watch and you’ll see he doesn’t say the words “under God!” This is after the conspiracy theory that the Democrats were omitting the phrase during the DNC.

And the Einstein visa-winner wife, she who (we are told) should be able to recite this in at least five languages, just stood there. This must have been a real drag for her. You can’t put on a flashy, wildly colored costume for a solemn occasion like this. What’s an ornament to do?

Pride? You think either one of them is proud to be an American? He’s all about ego, she’s all about looking good, they’re both in it for the money. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Trump, for defecating once more on the honor and dignity of our country, on yet another occasion commemorating the tragic death of Americans. But then you wouldn’t care about that, right, since as many Americans die from COVID-19 on a daily basis now, than died on 9/11? No, I thought not.

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    • He’s out of it, for whatever reason. Fatigue, ill-health, disinterest, who knows. And she radiates “don’t give a damn.” She’s just there. The lights are on but she’s not home.

    • Me2. Almost as sick as the 40% of YOU NAZI LOVING TRAITORS who still support the #1 SERIAL KILLER IN THE HISTORY OF THE NATION. PHUCK YOU PUNKS, MORONS, RACISTS, & TRAITORS. Did I leave any of you phuckers out? Don’t worry ur name is written in the judgement book. DID YOU REALLY BELIEVE YOU COULD BULLSHIT ALMIGHTY GOD??? 75years on average. Somewhere in space & time, YOU’RE ALREADY DEAD!!! welcome to HELL. Be sure to read the inscription over the entrance…ABANDON HOPE HE WHO ENTER HERE. Yes…YOU!!!

      • Scott, you’re wasting your time calling out those people here. They don’t read this site — except to troll occasionally, and then we pile on and they don’t come back. Or, I just send them to the cornfield.

        • I know. It is only the exercise of catharsis. Pete Townsend said it long ago in Tommy…”I believe in love, but how can men who’ve never seen light be ignighted?” Great question. Sometimes I just try2 find a crack in their shell. I save my best for my jewels, Tillis & Burr.

  1. He is spiteful and petty. He definitely did it on purpose. She looks like she hates her job. Stealing from the American people isn’t enough to make her happy.

    • Maybe he thinks that the people who got on that plane were all losers, they should have taken a different flight, he prefers people who aren’t dead, etc etc. God knows. She on the other hand always looks like she hates everything and everyone. Always with that frowning face. Good thing she’s got botox so those lines don’t stick. Of course, being married to that jackass, she’s got plenty to frown about, but that was her choice. Too bad, so sad.

  2. I saw one tweet where he was sitting there with his arms wrapped around his chest like a five-year-old who’s being forced to sit there when they’d rather be watching TV.

    • Welp, pj, that is likely exactly what was wrong with him. I heard a snippet early this morning of Trump talking I think yesterday about what he’d watched on Fox the previous day (I almost vomited, but I endured so I could hear the story). So. Ready? Daytime, I think I caught at least four hours. And at night, another four. The host added it up and said he caught eight hours of tv viewing of Fox each and every day. Which means he was suffering from Fox withdrawal this morning because he actually gasp had to work.

  3. It’s not the first time he’s had difficulty with the Pledge. However I think there’s a simpler explanation that medication or health issues. We’re talking Trump here. A guy who deludes himself every day that he is the greatest ever – at anything. He craves not just attention but worship. Total adoration. Loyalty is is “bigly” yuge with him but only TO him.

    He’s been, to borrow a Bushism “Presidenter” for almost four years now and by now he’s not just frustrated, but PISSED that people pledge allegiance to the flag instead of him! Or that our flag hasn’t been changed to do away with all those silly stars and stripes and be replaced with the letters T R U M P in gold letters, below the image of his bloated orange (and scowling – his “tough guy” routine) face. He’s ordered it done dammit! Why hasn’t it been done? he screams!

    If the flag was what he wants it to look like, and the Pledge was to be about Trump himself including replacing the words “under God” with “under TRUMP” then he would happily recite the pledge and get it right every time.

    Instead, he’s forced to stand there on a solemn anniversary where even the MAGAts are thinking about something and/or someone other than him. So he’s in a pissy mood to begin with. Mumbling through a pledge to anything but him, and at the same time fighting the urge to run away and pout was to be expected.

  4. The Murderer-in-Chief could give a sh*t less about our country or the almost 200,000 people that he and his criminal cronies have murdered! As Chuck N said in the movie Invasion U.S.A., “Its Time!

  5. That looked and sounded like a recording. His lips didn’t seem to move in the right way to say the words. Neither one of them gives a damn about the US or anyone in it.

  6. Why is it that I keep thinking that Trump might have one of his lackeys set the fires in CA, Wash and Oregon. After all, if people no longer have their residences, are traumatized, they might not vote.

  7. NOW BE NICE FOLKS, remember #TrumpIsUnwell for those interested he has #FTD frontotemporaldementia .. NOT Alzheimer’s type. His is hereditary from Daddy .. IT IS A KNOWN Brain #TAUProtein GeneMutation on Chrom17q21 .. HIS Disease is #PicksDisease .. SEE WIKI if want more.
    Yes I am MD and can say it.

  8. I struggle to even look at that waste. He doesn’t give a crap about anybody but himself. Not even his worthless brats is on his mind. If he really wants to Make America Great Again, he should drop dead.


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