What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall at Mar-a-Lago right now. Particularly one of the four walls that house the on site Team Trump office. Hell is breaking loose there, of that you may be assured, after the five star, four alarm, triple voodoo joke of an appearance at the Libertarian Convention Trump made Saturday night. If you saw all the pieces here or elsewhere, you know that Donald Trump asked for the 1. Nomination and/or 2. The Libertarian votes. That’s on record, that’s why he went to Washington, D.C. last night.

However, Team Trump did not file the requisite qualifying paperwork and so Trump could not be admitted as a candidate to the primary ballot. RFK, Jr. filed the necessary paperwork and he’s on as a primary candidate. Trump did get six write-in votes, which in all truth is probably about what he would have gotten had he been a bona fide candidate. But he is not. But he’s lying about what took place and that is certainly no surprise.

He’s not allowed to have the nomination of another party? Then why did he ask for it? And why is Barron’s BFF, 17-year-old Bo Loudon, crowing about how wonderful it would be for Trump to have both the GOP nomination and the Libertarian nomination?

There it is in black and white. That was the goal. And fast forward to :47 if it doesn’t already start there. “The Libertarian party should nominate Trump for president of the United States.”

Again, there it is before your very eyes and ears. But it didn’t really happen that way, Trump says. He says he got a great reception. He says he could have had the nomination in the bag if he wanted it. Wrong.

And here’s something else comical happening today. You know a campaign event was successful when delegates are trolling it over a day later.

I think they grabbed him by the pussy. Or, by the tiny mushroom or whatever he’s got.

And this is hilarious. This is RSBN prepping the MAGA crowd for less than adulation from the Libertarians — even though the place is packed with cheering MAGAs.

The lies are stacking on top of lies. But maybe MAGA will believe this. Yes, of course their Mango Messiah could have the Libertarian nomination if he wanted it. He just doesn’t want it. So why did he tell the Libertarians to give it to him? Um……Um…..wait a minute, I’m trying to think like a MAGA spinmeister….

You know what? I think we should wait for Tuesday and see who got fired over the weekend. We’ll know more. And yes, Tuesday the trial moves forward towards a verdict and who knows? A week from now we might be talking about the conviction and the sentencing.

Stay tuned. It’s not going to get any saner. On that you may depend.


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  1. Von Shitshispants lied. Hardly news since every time he opens that putrid and disgusting pie hole of his, lies spew out like so my sewage.

    I must say I am a bit surprised the libertarians did not throw themselves onto the magat wagon. If rand is a typical example, they’d fit right in.


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