It’s yet another night with that magnificent specimen of fitness and athleticism, Donald Trump. Soon you will see this paragon perambulate across a ballroom floor — with all the ease of an elephant that is making its way to the tar pits, knowing that the time for that very thing has come. Let’s give it up to the animal world, shall we? The animals have so very much more sense than the world of homo sapiens.

Maybe it’s one of Lara’s CDs. And do you love the hair? What’s left of it? It drives Trump insane that he’s got people at Mar-a-Lago leaking these videos to Ron Filipkowski, or somebody who is in cahoots with Ron Filipkowski, who then turns around and posts them on Twitter and away we go.

But what’s Trump going to do? Get everybody at Mar-a-Lago to sign a loyalty oath? Not that I wouldn’t put it past him.

Another swinging night at Mar-a-Lago. And you notice he didn’t walk in with his wife, right?

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  1. Hummm…. foot dragging? Sounds like this SON OF A BITCH, DON THE CON had a stroke. Perhaps one of the cheese burgers finally did it’s work & clogged an artery. HALLELUJAH!!! Now let’s hope the Simpsons are right, though I was looking forward to DON THE CON going to prison.

  2. Maybe the bald spot on Trump was the tricycle riding Grim Reaper in South Park doing wheelies on his head.

    Note to Grim Reaper: Hurry!!

  3. Tabes dorsalis, a gait abnormality seen in neurosyphilis. Other symptoms: light sensitivity and visual impairment with loss of pupil response, skin lesions, hair loss, delusional behavior, slurring of speech, insomnia, irritability and memory loss. Watch his eyes under camera lights. He won’t be able to adjust to changes in light intensity.

    • If he had it during his first marriage, it would explain Junior and Eric’s low I.Q.s. But I banks seems to.have avoided it as did Tiffany and Barron.

      • Actually…. if DON THE CON JR & Eric have low IQs, that can be explained by their father own low IQ. I was a special education teacher & know how to read & interpret IQ scores & the information they give regarding a child’s intellectual ability to learn. I can also identify someone with a low IQ that result in learning disabilities as well as lack of higher mental abilities such as limited vocabulary & lack of critical thinking skills. I have recognized both in DON THE CON SR.

        Then an IQ test administered to young Donald when he was a student at the military academy his father sent him to came to light. It shows Donald to have an IQ score of only 73. On the standard IQ test, a score of 70 or below is what has been used in the past to determine Mental Retardation. Donald’s score of 73 is only 3 points above that cut off mark 70 that determines mental retardation & falls into the score range of 71- 84 indicating “borderline intellectual functioning”. That explains a lot to me regarding DON THE CON’S lack of intellectual abilities & lack of knowledge of just about everything.

    • Oh…. that explains a lot. There were rumors of skin lesions possibly caused by syphilis just a month or so ago. That would be just desserts for such a vile & disgusting man.

  4. Perhaps all these criminal trials will become moot. He is deteriorating right before our eyes-could be a harbinger of great things to come.

    • We need him to stay alive long enough to face justice and it’s obvious verdicts. If he dies he cheats the system yet again, becomes a martyr to the Maga cause, and leaves unresolved the numerous questions and controversies of his corrupt behavior – leaving a way for another putative despot to appear and exploit the crooked path he has forged.

      What Trump did has to be ruled on.


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