I’m not sure what all the fuss and fury is about but evidently one of the Thursday debaters is nervous as hell and so he’s lashing out and demanding drug tests. I’m sure Joe Biden will be perfectly fine with this. What are they going to find, a little blood pressure medication? Maybe a muscle relaxant? I have no idea but I’m reasonably sure that anything in Biden’s bloodstream will be innocuous if it exists at all. Trump, on the other hand, I don’t think can stand up there without the benefit of Adderall. So, fine, let the games begin.

We won’t even suggest that maybe Junior has a drug test along with Senior. We’ll just leave Junior to sit off in the corner and tweet or podcast.

I guess the only issue now is who would administer such a test. If it’s an unbiased, randomly chosen party, then probably that would be alright. I’m also not sure what Trump’s *logic* is in doing this. This would be the first time in history that a presidential candidate has requested such a thing. But I seriously doubt that this is for attention getting purposes, solely. In fact, I’m wondering if Trump was loaded when he put this on social media and maybe this is one of those things that he’s going to cringe at later and try to either walk back or blame on a staffer.

I would not want to be in Dan Scovino’s shoes right now, with this out in the world. Or Walt Nauta’s or anybody who might have access to Trump’s phone.

Or, maybe Trump intends to have *his* personal physician Ronny Johnson Jackson administer the test and God knows the optics of that will be off the walls. And whether Jackson is supposed to administer Biden’s test, or whether that will fall to the current White House physician, is unknown.

Just another curve ball. And it’s only Monday. Expect things to get worse from here.


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  1. Has to be an independent lab. The same phlebotomist must do both draws, and the same tech(s) run the tests. It must be as identical as possible.

    • If a urine sample, it MUST be administered in sight of an independent physician so dfg cannot substitute “clean” urine. (If he can even FIND clean urine among his circle of admirers, yes men/women, worshipers, magaland, family, “friends”, etc) This is a real thing. People do substitute a clean urine sample for their own dirty one. That’s why most urine drug tests are administered in front of a witness. Not that I’ve had personal experience. But guys talk, word gets around, you hear things…..

  2. I somehow have a feeling that he believes Biden won’t go for it and then use that as an excuse to pull out of the debate (if anything involving his posturing and prevarication can be termed ‘debating’)

    • You and I are on the same page, though different paragraph.
      See my comment below.
      This is setting the stage for Shitzinpantz to back out.

  3. I’ll believe it when I see it. Traitor Tot has talked about a lot of things and probably 90% of them never materialize.

  4. Who will be administering this drug test Von Shitzi?

    I find it hilarious that he thinks President Biden wouldn’t step up and say “bring it on dumb-ass” especially since we all know that once von shitzi is faced with the possibility of having to do a whiz quiz himself, he’ll back the f*ck down in a heartbeat.

  5. If, or more accurately WHEN, Biden’s test comes back clean, tRump will claim it’s a deep-state plot to cover for “Sleepy Joe” and use that as an excuse to skip the debate.

    • No matter which way it goes, if President Biden submits or doesn’t, there will be a large pile of crap coming out of dfg and magaland about it.

  6. He’s hoping Biden will refuse, which will give him an excuse for cancelling. He’s terrified of being put in front of a camera without a teleprompter and having to answer hardball questions. Joe must be smiling.

  7. The debate is in Atlanta where the CDC happens to be located. LOTS of equipment there so both samples can be run simultaneously. Here’s how things should go.
    1. Both candidates walk out carrying their suit jacket and with a sleeve rolled up and one at a time sit in a chair as a nurse draws their blood – with cameras on both sides and from overhead showing it all including writing each candidate’s names on the vials.
    2. They roll down their sleeves, put on their jackets and do the debate.
    3. While the debate is happening the nurse, with a representative of each campaign (picked by the candidates and on stage during the process so everyone knows who they are) puts their own lock on the metal sample case.
    4. Along with reporters (with cameras) from major outlets carrying a live feed the candidate reps walk with the nurse to a waiting bus which will, with police escort head over to the CDC.
    5. When they are in the lab Trump’s rep gets to pick which machine will run Trump’s sample and which will run Biden’s – again with this being broadcast live.
    6. Run the fucking samples. Right then and there. As soon as results start spitting out show them live.

    Like others, I believe in Biden’s case nothing unusual will show. Maybe a mild level of hypertension med and probably a Statin given he’s a senior citizen. Trump will have the same albeit in much higher doses. And who knows what else? My bet is that it would turn up some interesting stuff even in just a couple of hours – plenty for the post debate coverage to talk about. Some tests take longer but each campaign can have the right to have a representative present in the lab for as long as it takes, as can news outlets and they can change shifts if necessary to ensure a full panel is run.

    What would really be fun is doing tests on hair samples. That would take a while so the logistics of having live observation would likely be overly cumbersome but what I outlined above is transparent, and the LAST thing Trump would want is transparency and shown live in the corner of a TV screen.

    If President Biden were to toss out a “Sure Donald – let’s both get out blood drawn and let everyone watch it be analyzed while we debate” challenge Trump would freak the fuck out.



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