If this was a movie there would have been a cut away shot to J.D. Vance when Donald Trump executed him publicly. But there isn’t and so we’ll have to imagine the look on Vance’s face.

I predict that the pundits are going to go ape$hit over this. Again, this is one of those cases of first impression that Trump is so known for. Don’t bother Unprecedented, she collapsed long ago and went to Semantic Heaven. We need another word to describe this.

Behold, the titular head of the GOP knifing a senatorial candidate on Election Eve. You won’t see this one again, my friends.

My immediate gut reaction is that Trump is having a psychotic episode here and he simply has to stick it to J.D. Vance for the nasty things Vance used to say about him.

Vance is ahead in polls, at least if the your the averages from FiveThirtyEight and RealClearPolitics. They show Vance ahead 5.4 points and 7.5 points, respectively. These are poll aggregators, which the GOPers are manipulating to some extent.

A Suffolk University/USA poll from mid-October had the race neck and neck.

Who knows? This is what is crazy making about the night before an election. It becomes guessing.

Back to the trenches. It’s going to be a bumpy night, to quote Bette Davis.


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  1. This suggests to me that GOP internals show Vance is going down. And if Trump thinks Vance is going to lose this is his way of creating a LOT of distance from losing in a state that has turned Republican in recent cycles. If that spell of GOP invidibility is broken in such a key state for the GOP, and Trump himself is perceived as having anything to do with it his chances against DeSantis in 2024 will have taken a huge hit. So if what i think is the reason behind this is true, Trump decided on the most dramatic stage/moment possible to cut Vance loose because Vance IS going to lose.

  2. I hope you right, Denis because I watched the news tonight and it said Vance has increased his lead. I checked other blogs/tvs and no one has mentioned it to my knowledge

    • If that were remotely true, then Vance wouldn’t have been sucking up to Trump for the last 6 months the way he has.

      Vance is so far up Trump’s nether regions, his nose turned brown.

  3. Yeah, you’re focusing on the wrong part of that, unfortunately. MAGAs aren’t going to key in on that, they’ll key in on the ‘won’t be owned by the establishment’ part. I seriously doubt that this will hurt Vance.

  4. Those two so deserve each other. It would be great to see them walk off into the sunset together and fall off the edge of the flat earth. I find it amazing that anyone would want to be represented by an asshole


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