Tomorrow is the big day, folks. If we’re lucky we’ll have something definitive by this time tomorrow night. Hopefully there will be a clear winner, but maybe not. You recall how we had to wait with Kari Lake, Catherine Cortez Masto, others.

Trumpty Dumpty has avoided going to Georgia but he had to chime in on Truth Social.

It was inane, as anticipated.

Trump is hoping that flies.

What you’re about to see is a ten minute clip. The Republican Accountability PAC made this video and they’re getting these viewpoints out there. This is very worth while listening to. These people are Republicans and they’re telling the truth about both what a terrible candidate Herschel Walker is and how the cult of MAGA is not where the future of the Republican party should be.

I was pleased with the gentleman who pointed out that Warnock was not as partisan as he’s been painted.

These are people who have been active in politics to some extent. But there are some regular folks here, too. These people are worth listening to.

I hope the cartoon above this piece doesn’t offend anybody. I believe that the leaf will fall on Walker’s side of the teeter totter. That said, we came within 550 votes of getting rid of Boebert and she’s still there.

You never know in politics. We just have to hope. But I believe Warnock will win. And I do hope I’m right because the alternative is disastrous. We don’t need an openly violent, mentally ill, multiple personality, werewolf admirer in the United States Senate.


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  1. Another bad and flawed decision by trump, thinking that the few (and old) achievements by Walker would be enough to shave off enough Black votes from Warnock, and at the time thinking that the Senate race in GA. would hold enough weight where trump could bamboozle enough voters to vote for Walker. He didn’t have the foresight to see the OVERALL picture (which he never does) that the anticipated “red wave” may stall out and NOT benefit Walker, which is what happened.


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