I marvel that this is now considered normal, that a presidential candidate can spew nonsense the likes of which would get you and me committed if we talked this way. But because it’s the GOP presumptive nominee saying the craziest things, it simply goes unchallenged. If you live near an airport or know somebody who does, you might want to ask the person if tents are being pitched as people hover for days, converting airline terminals into camping grounds, waiting to get on flights “that never come.” Yes, it does remind you of that Twilight Zone episode where the guy is trying to land in New York and looks out of the cockpit and sees dinosaurs, I agree.

What’s that you say? This is the Sean Spicer Show so it has to be foolproof accurate? Absolutely. Diligently researched and fact checked at the very least. :))

That’s my take on this, that this is utterly batshit and there’s something severely wrong with a culture that allows this to even go on. That said, the minute you start to analyze how the United States got into this mess, you come to the same seminal point: the GOP began enabling and lying for Donald Trump since the very beginning. And to this day, no matter how crazy he sounds, they rationalize what he says and double down on it. And as long as one of the two major political parties in this country is completely committed to unreality, this is how things will remain.

Ah, to have lived in the era of the Winged Carriage. What a romantic time. Why, I’m told that the Winged Carriages even had little outhouses inside the carriage? Can you imagine such a thing? And General Trump was chopping down cherry trees and using the wood for fuel and baking pies with the fruit. And Lady Melania rode her broom alongside the carriage. Glorious days. Simply glorious.


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  1. Der Leader and his followers are blissfully demented ignorant (and sometimes evil) dumb SOBs.🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ But the MSM is really on the case 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. yeah,people are going to buy “disposable tents” to camp in cos they’re not going to pack em’ and pay extra fees…perhaps they could just sell them to the next person(s) who will be waiting the requisite 4 days until their flight. I can see an entire line of airport tent B&B opportunities.

    • There you go. Great idea, be the first to get this set up and start making real money. We could have little tent villages set up in each major airport.

  3. It has been so long ago, I’m not too sure of the details, but it seems like when we arrived at the airport in Seattle, there were the typical new waxed and polished cars from local dealers and along with a shiny new pickup, REI, the local camping/clothing store had placed a sale example tent and gear display that, of course, would interest anyone wanting such things …

    I’m absolutely sure the local security team at the airport, had instructions to remove kids and family from that display, that is the ONLY tent I’ve seen anywhere in an airport … along with signs reminding foot traffic to stay out of the display, there were ty-wraps through the zipper grips as well …

    Trump needs a long time to think about things in general … The truth and a great number of facts as well … With his failing stature and mental weakness, the up-coming debate, will simply deflate anything he wants to say, a minute by minute clock, silenced mikes and NO NOTES … Prison time will give him enough time for introspect and with the failing GOP dropping like flies everywhere, he may be thankful for prison safety from get-even Magats …

    BTW, Ursula, BATSHIT is SO descriptive of everything Trump, at this point in time, it would NOT surprise me to see him removed from the debate by marshals, along with the SS …

    • now, it’s true that people sometimes get stranded in airports. they use their luggage for pillows and sleep on the floor. but unless it’s a gigantic blizzard that paralyzes the whole city, it doesn’t last for days. and no tents.
      he’s got homelessness and campus protests and airports all snarled up in his brain.

    • I saw something even better at an airport once. It was the old Stapleton International in Denver. An A-frame house was there in the terminal. Cute little thing. It was being sold as a small vacation home up in the mountains.

  4. I hear they have decent antipsychotics these days. Not much you can do with kids stage dementia. He isn’t in a wheelchair hooting and drooling yet, but give him time.


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