Trump Is Running Out Of Feet To Shoot Himself In


You know, if I’m Stacey Abrams, I’m hard at work right now, punching up my speech before the prime time cameras tonight, just to pep it up. Something like; Good evening. I would like to begin tonight with a few quick remarks regarding the ongoing postal service crisis. Welcome to our world white America. This has been going on in our neighborhoods for the last half a century, but nobody noticed. But when a couple of upscale rural route or post office box addresses might not get their ballots counted, it’s all of a sudden a national emergency, huh? Go ahead and fix this shit, but fix it for everybody!

Because that’s all it really is, racial vote suppression stripped of the racism. This is equal opportunity voter suppression under Trump law. They got away with it all these years in neighborhoods of color due to general disinterest, and three other factors. The GOP always covered their arguments in court with a patina of respectability, it was being done for a noble purpose, the sanctity of the vote. There was a sheen of legality,  mainly enough $40 words to make it sound all legal and shit. And there was an undercoat of plausible deniability built in, to give the GOP wriggle room when it all fell apart publicly, and people were disenfranchised.

This is important, because currently, there are nearly two dozen voter suppression cases waging out in federal court, thanks largely to groups Like Stacey Abrams and Eric Holder have fronted to take the fight to the GOP. Those earlier cases tend to establish precedent, so any new lawsuit filed has to have some kind of a twist that separates it from precedent. Otherwise, the judge is likely to say, Look, while I understand your point, and am actually sympathetic to a certain extent, suspicion is not a legal cause to stop an action from taking place. Case dismissed.

And then along comes Donald Trump and pisses in the punch bowl. He gets on the blower to the Manatee, and says; Jeez Sean, ya know, if they let everybody vote my mail, I am so fucked that it isn’t even funny. But fortunately I kept stoppers. They need $25 billion to emergency fund the post office for all of the overflow, and have to sign off on that! So, just so long as I keep my hands in my pockets, it’s four more years!

Dear Lord, talk about a gift from God. Here’s a perfect example. Trump campaign lawyers are about to go into federal court to try to stop the Nevada Secretary of State from sending mail in ballots to every registered voter in the state. Considering the fact that Trump has already openly admitted that he’s willing to duck with veterans prescriptions and senior’s pension checks to suppress the vote, you think Nevada might be able to tie this in as just another thread in the nationwide web of voter suppression Trump is trying to spin? Voting rights attorneys all over the country should easily be able to find ways to use Trump’s own blatant admission to tar whatever suits the RNC or Trump’s campaign attorneys are filing. And the federal bench, even judges that Trump himself has appointed, have a rather lengthy history of giving him the brush.

We’ve known all along that Trump is transitional, and not strategic. And that’s because as a failed businessman, no bad decision he has ever made touched him personally. If he couldn’t hit up Daddy for cash, he just walked away from the table, throwing a bankruptcy bomb behind him. By now, for the first time, Trump is in a situation he can’t just walk away from, and as he gets more out of his depth, and goes more and more with his gut, the results get more and more disastrous. And this might be the worst one of all. The GOP is going to have no choice but to back down on the post office. The abuse is too blatant, and too many of the constituents they need to vote for them this November are affected. This should be fun to watch.

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  1. The USPS stuff should be so obvious that Texas (and other red state) politicians scream about it. So many of them depend on rural voters – and they should know how important mail service is!

    • Except Texas is trying to discourage vote by mail. Ken Paxton, our attorney general said the law reads only those over 65 and physically disabled can do so. Fear of Covid does not constitute disability. They are being dicks.

  2. “suspicion is not a legal cause to stop an action from taking place.”
    Especially when there’s no evidence to corroborate the suspicion.


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