Believe it or not, just when you think it can’t get any dumber, the Trump criminal lawyers get loose and try to earn their living. And hilarity ensues.

In a letter to GOP House Intelligence chair Mike Turner, Trump shills Timothy Parlatore, John Rowley, and James Trusty asked the GOP chair to come up with a legislative solution to the DOJ’s current criminal investigation into Traitor Tots blatant pilferage of classified government documents.

The entire letter is too stupid to bore you with, but just a taste, so you can appreciated the depth of the minority;

 the Department of Justice — the executive branch department charged with investigating and prosecuting federal crimes — is “not the appropriate agency to conduct investigations pertaining to the mishandling or spillage of classified material” and allege that the department’s handling of the probe into Mr Trump’s alleged misconduct “is antithetical to the principles of a fair and impartial search for the truth”.

Right. They nailed it in one! Having the department of the federal government specifically tasked with investigating and prosecuting crimes is the wrong one to investigate stolen secret documents. When the defendant is Trump, that’s a task better left to the DOJ cafeteria kitchen cleanup crew. And of course having experienced federal investigators and prosecutors looking into stolen documents is antithetical to the search for the truth. If the truth you’re looking for is that FrankenTrump is innocent, of course. Best leave that to seasoned professionals like Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Steve Bannon. Mike Lindell can be the lead investigator.

It got so stupid time that The Trumpster Fire himself took to Bullsh*t Social to actually blame The National Archives for the whole thing. Right. Like they told him, Screw it, just take whatever you want, we’re already backed up over here. News Flash! The National archives is not Belkin Movers. They collate and store, they don’t pack and schlep.

And what the Trump ambulance chasers are desperately hoping to obscure in all of that squid ink is the fact that when it’s the President, the classification doesn’t matter. All of that sh*t is covered under The Presidential Records Act. Violations of which are investigated and prosecuted by the FBI and the DOJ. Much ado about nothing, when you consider the simple fact that the US Congress is not authorized to investigate crimes!

But once again, His Lowness is fixating on the wrong damn crime. Because from where I’m sitting, Trump is whipping a dead equine on the Mar-A-Lago documents case. To my thinking, the lid slammed closed on that coffin on the day that Trump Florida lawyer Evan Corcoran testified before the grand jury, without taking the 5th Amendment or demanding total immunity.

It tells me that Corcoran went in to testify feeling that he had no personal criminal liability. I believe that Corcoran, acting as legal counsel, told Trump that falsifying a letter to the DOJ that all documents had been returned when they hadn’t was an express train to an indictment. And history shows that Trump overruled him. He sent the letter. And Corcoran withdrew from the Mar-A-Lago case, indicating he’s a conflicted witness. A nail in that coffin lid.

I’m thinking that what Traitor Tot really needs to be worried about is the Capitol Riot grand jury. Because that’s where the real action is. In the last six weeks, Jack Smith has paraded an all-star lineup of felonious miscreants before the DC grand jury. Former White House Counsel Pat Cipillone, his understudy Patrick Philbin, aide Dan Scavino, neo Nazi Stephen Miller, and KellyAnne Conjob. And former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has been ordered to testify.

And now today former Vice President Mike Pence took his turn in the tumbler. And I feel sorry for Jack Smith. Pence is, in his own way a man of honor and integrity. He proved that on January 6th. But Pence had to be a difficult witness. Pence was going to answer exactly the question he was asked, he would not extrapolate or explain. Which means that the prosecutor is going to have to ask endless follow up questions to put the answers in the proper context for the grand jury.

This is the existential problem for Trump. If all of those witnesses testified truthfully and honestly, if unwillingly, then they stripped Trump bare. One way or another, some or all of them were there in the room, likely the Oval Office while Trump ruminated and considered his steps to stop the vote process. They can tell the grand jury what he said and they said, what his frame of mind was, and even his acceptance that he had lost the election. And they can tell a federal jury that too.

Look, the Mar-A-Lago case is a documents case, and comes down to a pissing contest as to who had authority to hold the documents. Depending how aggressive Smith wants to be, he could charge Trump with violations of The Espionage Act, which carries a maximum 20 year term in the pokey. But the case begs to be pleaded down and settled.

But the whole Capitol riot investigation is a totally different kettle of fish. By my recollection, it has been more than 100 years since a seditious conspiracy case was successfully prosecuted in federal court. These days, getting seditious conspiracy convictions is almost becoming the norm. Because of the media. Everybody saw what happened on January 6th, live on network television. We all know what happened, now all we want to know is who engineered it. And Jack Smith is getting ready to serve that to them on a silver platter. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. “ Pence is, in his own way a man of honor and integrity. ”

    Could not disagree more. He is every bit the charlatan as the rest. He ignored his oath by being in on these crimes and said nothing while he should have resigned and blew the whistle on the shenanigans.

    Just because the get away driver didn’t physically rob the bank, he is just as guilty and underhanded as the rest of the gang.

  2. Plead down the documents case? Sorry Murf but on this one I have to vehemently disagree. That sumbitch Trump should have the book thrown at him! Let me put it this way. Long ago in what seems like another life I found myself stationed at HQMC which in those days was in Arlington, VA. Because the Navy Command Center and the SecNav spaces wanted armed Marines as guards so grunts like me got attached to PMO at Henderson Hall in Arlington. Until we got a new skipper I stood duty down at the Pentagon, and when on nights (we worked a rotatating schedule – day, then evening, then night which messed up sleep cycles!) because I had a security clearance I was often tasked when not standing post at the Command Center to accompany the Master At Arms Petty Officers on Security Sweeps of classified spaces. If any classified documents or file cabinets/storage spaces were unsecured someone butt was in HUGE trouble come morning. Loss of clearance on the spot. Charges filed too. As for someone like me, if I’d slipped out even one single Top Secret, much less Top Secret/SCI document (and I had my chances) and got caught I’d have lost my own clearance. And been sent to the brig down at Quantico to await my Courts Martial at which I’d have been convicted before the day was out (once it convened) and sentenced to years. Followed by a Bad Conduct Discharge. Basically, I’d have spent the rest of my life as a convicted felon.

    Trump took TONS of documents he wasn’t entitled to take. Then he tried to keep them when he got found out. Then he said he’d returned everything when, as we know he hadn’t. In fact, we STILL don’t know what else he’s held on to. Or how many copies were made of everything and at least one flunky has testified that yes, he copied a lot of stuff on to a laptop and flash drive. Some of that was Top Secret/SCI with maybe even some “code word” material in there. Trump belongs in PRISON just like any other person who took such hghly classified information would be. For years. Worse, Trump kept trying to hang on to stuff!

    No Murf. He needs to be charged, tried and convicted and sent to prison for what he did. As does everyone that helped him. Because that’s what happens in other cases.

  3. I notice he’s still pushing the crazy claim that Biden had thousands of documents stashed in Chinatown.

    Will it ever sink into the space between his ears that the National Archives took over a defunct Chinese restaurant as a temporary facility, secured it and used the premises to collate documents.

    The place was guarded and Bidn had nothing to do with it

  4. I believe that truth went out the window in America when a group of @ssholes that cheated their way into office invaded Iraq based on lies.
    When is Jack Smith going to lock up bush and Cheney as war criminals?


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