As if this weekend couldn’t get any nuttier, news is breaking that RFK, Jr. has accepted that his name be placed on a ballot of proposed candidates for the 2024 Libertarian ticket. Donald Trump’s name was also proposed from the floor but was shot down quickly because he had not filed the requisite paperwork. What was that circus side show about last night when the basic footwork hasn’t been done?

In any event, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. had done the qualifying legwork and so his name will be on the Libertarian ballot, with a number of others, and the winner of that vote will appear on the ballot in 38 states as the Libertarian candidate for 2024.

“I’m very grateful to the Libertarian Party for this great honor, and I look forward to an alliance across the country, a fusion alliance of all of these independent parties who are now challenging the Republican-Democrat corrupt duopoly,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy’s video was received with mild applause from a small group of delegates. His surrogates who made speeches touting his Libertarian candidacy ahead of his acceptance were met with loud boos from the audience.

Kennedy told CNN last week that he did not intend to seek the party’s nomination at the convention this weekend.

Tim O’Brien, a Libertarian delegate from New Jersey, said he felt Kennedy was trying to use the party for his own gain without respecting its values.

“We’ve had a lot of people come into the party, they’ll run, they’ll make a big stink and then leave. And I guarantee you, he may come here; he’s not going to be here after the election,” O’Brien said.

“We want people that are willing to say, full force, ‘We’re Libertarians, we’re staying with you guys,’” he added. “He has no need for us. He wants to get ballot access.”

I daresay that that’s the sentiment of a lot of Libertarians. Let’s see who gets the nomination. I don’t think it will be RFK, Jr. It’s a shame that Trump didn’t fill out paperwork because it would have been a howler to see him stack up dead last in the primary votes, which is how I think he would have fared.

And maybe he knew that. But why go through the humiliation of asking for the Libertarian nomination on Saturday night when he didn’t have the ability to accept it, should it have been offered to him? The last Republican this stupid was Mellissa Carone, remember her? The fax-glass wiping temp worker that Rudy Giuliani cast as a whistle blower for election fraud? Carone was going to run for a state senate seat in Michigan but she couldn’t get the paperwork filed, either.

Carone trolled this site once and said, “Read the Constitution, please.” I replied, “I read it in law school. Are you still broadcasting from under your bed?” She never responded. Carone used to post Facebook videos and she was apparently seated at one of those desk under the bunk bed numbers. Have you see those? They’re for rooms with very little space?

I guess it never occurred to Carone that maybe broadcasting from under a bunk bed wasn’t great optics. Likewise, it evidently slipped Team Trump’s mind that if they wanted to be considered for the Libertarian nomination — and presumably they did, or why did Trump come down and ask for exactly that — that there are filing requirements.

Only the best people, right? Trump has made it clear that he’s got people running his campaign that don’t know the first thing about politics. In this country, nobody runs for anything without going through the basics of qualifying for the particular office and filing paperwork that states that you qualify. And filing on time.

If these are concepts you understand, there may be an opening soon at Team Trump. Or, maybe he’s got a few of us working for him already and that’s why things are falling apart. I honestly have no idea.

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