Let’s take a look at the GOP presumptive nominee, a few short days before that convention begins. His most recent rally was at Doral, Florida. He spoke to 700 people, a statistic I’m getting from The New Republic but of course he blew up that figure to a spectacular 45,000 people. Great. Always good to know that we’re stilling living in la la land and through the looking glass. And the content was what you have come to expect from a Trump rally.

Isn’t that grand? I’m sure you talk to people going back and forth to airports this summer season, as I do, and nobody is experiencing this nightmare vision of being stuck in airports. But there’s some payoff, evidently, in telling the folks on Podunk that this is what living in blue states is like. And there’s the same nightmare vision of Washington, D.C.

The Guardian:

The former president and presumptive Republican nominee was speaking to a crowd of several hundred supporters at his golf club in Doral, a western suburb of Miami, keeping them waiting in 90F heat for a freewheeling monologue that began more than an hour later than scheduled.

There was speculation that he might use his first public appearance since last month’s debate with the president to announce Florida senator Marco Rubio, who was present, as his vice-presidential pick, six days ahead of the Republican national convention (RNC) in Milwaukee.

“The radical left Democratic party is divided in chaos, and having a full-scale breakdown all because they can’t decide which of their candidates is more unfit to be president, sleepy, crooked Joe Biden or laughing Kamala,” he said, repeating previous derogatory terms for the pair.

“Despite all the Democrat panic this week, the truth is it doesn’t matter who they nominate because we are going to beat any one of them in a thundering landslide.”

Trump has kept a lower than usual profile in the days since the debate, a strategy an aide described as designed to allow Democrats to tear into each other following Biden’s dismal debate performance.

His remarks on Tuesday were notable for adding the vice-president’s name to numerous attacks on Biden policies, and sprinkling in mentions of both Rubio and Byron Donalds, a Republican Florida congressman also believed to be on Trump’s shortlist for vice-president.

Otherwise, it was a standard Trump stump speech, full of evidence-free claims that his 2020 election defeat was fraudulent; baseless accusations that overseas nations were sending to the US “most of their prisoners”; and a laughable assertion that a gathering of supporters numbering in the hundreds was really a crowd of 45,000.

It also touched on the surreal. Biden, he insisted, had raised the price of bacon four-fold.

“We don’t eat bacon any more,” Trump said.

Electric cars, he said, “cheated” the US public because drivers had to stop for three hours to recharge their vehicles after every 45 minutes of driving. And, in an echo of one of the more bizarre debate exchanges with Biden over who was the better golfer, he challenged his White House successor to 18 holes over the Doral course while granting a 10-stroke concession.

“It will be among the most watched sporting events in history, maybe bigger than the Ryder Cup or even the Masters,” Trump said, pledging $1m to a charity of Biden’s choosing if he lost.

It’s the usual vintage nuttiness. But this last one is noteworthy, as the apocalyptic music plays.

Here’s the crowd report of 45,000 and Barron is reportedly going to college but his father doesn’t say where.

We move on to the Republican National Convention in five days.

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  1. Compare and contrast to Biden’s speech to Nato leaders, and his other speeches since the ‘debate’.

    And then wonder why our side is being rail-roaded into leadership change when they’ve still got Dimwit Donny.

    • On my computer, the Closed Captioning was all garbled up. Was that intentional to make the President seem like he wasn’t all there or was it a fluke on my computer? Absolutely nothing would surprise me anymore. But great speech!!

    • We are being railroaded into making a decision to give the wh to von shitzinpants because not only are we a nation of idiots, but the democrats insist upon doing everything in their power to lose elections that are being handed to them on a silver platter. We make much about how stupid magat pols are but really, are they any stupider than democrat pols? Future history books, if they are ever written again in this country, will feature this era and folks reading about it will think kelly ann got a hold of the galleys before the publisher. You could not sell this as fiction it is so unbelievable and yet it is our reality.

  2. Isn’t it past time that someone pointed out to the Trumpadors that the real reason that the US is spending so much money on ‘defence’ is down to what Eisenhower called ‘the military/industrial’ complex where insane amounts are spent on the newest and shiniest toys.

    Consider the US navy where thy have SIX fleets, each of which is larger than most NATO members entire navy – and they keep on building more ships. Where they have hundreds (if not thousands) of aircraft mothballed in the desert – and still keep building more. Where there are more missiles available to wipe out the entire worls several times over – and they keep spending more and more on ‘upgrading’ them.

    A country that spends insane amounts on its military – and ignores the health of its people, the education of its children. A nation where judges can be bought (even at the highest level) and keeps the death penalty when just about every other non-totalitarian government has abolished it.

    But, hey, the military needs more money – give it to them (and forget the people who may need it)

    • Navy Wife here. The military needs to.spend money on its greatest resource:the men and women who actually fight the wars. They cannot afford decent housing on the economy be wise housing allowances don’t actually provide enough money to do so, so families,often have to choose between places with enough room or ones in safe neighborhoods. There is no allowance for utilities, which means shelling out a ton of cash for electricity in summer in most places. If you finally get base housing, it is often decrepit and and in desperate need of repair as well.as tiny.

      Spouses cannot get jobs, especially professional jobs. I had two grad degrees,and could even bag an interview. Plenty of jobs in fast food, motel housekeeping,and stripping.

      And they wonder why people do not reenlist after their 6 years,are up.

  3. Everyone needs to stop listening to right-wing MAGApublican propaganda. There are no problems with President Biden’s physical or mental health. The same cannot be said of a certain ORANGE CONVICTED FELON! We also need to stop listening to media outlets that no longer care about honest journalism, only fear-mongering to try to get the most attention, and make the most money! Wake up folks and smell the covefe! Start fact-checking everything the major media outlets spew!

  4. I think the next debate should be held on the second tee at some non-Trump- owned golf course. The rules require they walk, not ride, there. Their caddies can ride, but they cannot. Wanna bet they’ll have to call the ambulance after Trump has,a heart attack?


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