Maybe Donald Trump knows something that we don’t, because the New York Times article quoting Alvin Bragg on the current state of the Trump investigation in the Manhattan District Attorney’s office was bland at best. All Bragg said, in essence, was that he had shelved nothing and that he was looking into every aspect of the Trump case.

It was also mentioned that a new demand had been sent to the Trump Organization, but that it was a follow up of previous requests. You know how Trump doesn’t respond to discovery requests. That’s why he’s got the state attorney general asking a judge to sanction the hell out of him for every day he delays with respect to that case.

So that is what is publicly known as of the past 24 hours. Is that, and that alone, sufficient to trigger this harebrained, maudlin ramble?

Bragg told Pomerantz and Dunne on February 22 that he wasn’t ready to proceed and they resigned the next day. Maybe he’s getting ready to proceed now.

In any event, something triggered Trumpty Dumpty. He’s going to fall off his wall and go splat all over again if he doesn’t settle down a bit.

And in case you’re wondering, Trump has said zip about the seismic event with the January 6 Committee and his son Don Jr. this morning. He’s obviously got his mind on other things, namely his own skin.

I am sure that nobody is surprised, least of all Don Junior.



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  1. Bragg must have gotten a lot more blowback on his announcement than he ever expected. Some much have been from higher-ups, or he wouldn’t have backed down.

  2. If he doesn’t do his goddamn job then someone needs to bring him under conspiracy charges. Wonder how many pot smokers & daddys without money for child support have been arrested in the last 15 months? Answer: tens of thousands. Equal justice under the law sounds more delusional by the day. It will remain so until the agents of the law live up to their oaths.

  3. Well that’s a clear message to everyone that he admits that Biden is the current President,

    ‘Donald J. Trump who also just happens to be the 45th President Of The United States and is leading in every poll to be the 47th’

    While his claims and aims are risible, it does beg the question of who is the 46th?

    The current one.

    And in his own words.

    • Trump in prison is long overdue. Four more years of Trump would make us Putin’s bitch. He’s gott to to be stopped.



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