Memorial Day is a solemn holiday, where we gather to honor our fallen comrades who made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our way of life. It is a rare human being indeed that is so callous as to not have some appreciation for what this day means. Yet, we do have one notable one amongst us and he’s running for president, again, on the GOP ticket. Here is his message to our fallen heroes.

At least he’s not calling soldiers suckers and losers — today — as he has in the past. We do have that to be grateful for. And this is standard operating procedure these days for Trump. “Happy (insert holiday) to everyone, including people I hate.” He’s clearly worried about all his legal issues. Interesting that he’s bringing up E. Jean Carroll. Probably that’s because it’s the most hopeless of his legal problems. That case is over and that award has been made. He can moan about how it should be appealed, but that’s not going to happen.

Same with the Trump Organization fraud trial. Which brings us up to “Now for Merchan!” Closing arguments begin tomorrow. The jury instructions have been released. Alina Habba has been on television saying that she hoped that the jury would not be socializing with people who have Trump Derangement Syndrome.

You notice how he tripped on himself here, by saying that “she didn’t have to produce the dress” but the DNA was “negative?” Um….how did the garment get tested for DNA if it was never produced? Not that it matters. It’s all bloviating blather, like everything that comes out of the buffoon’s mouth.

And again, I call your attention to the real culprit here, which is not Trump. It’s the Republican party. They have enabled this madman and they continue to enable. And they would, I believe, be just fine if he shot somebody in the middle of 5th Avenue. There is no doubt in my mind but that the GOP would spin it as self-defense, or maybe defense of others, but spin it they would into a good and honorable thing.

The Republican party is who is seeking to destroy America and our way of life. They have gone rogue. They want to overthrow a democratic republic. They want to cease our constitutional democracy and replace it with an autocracy. Donald Trump is one man and he’s a wealthy lunatic completely divorced from real life. He didn’t get where he is alone. He’s on the GOP ticket because the GOP wants him there.

And why? Because he expresses exactly who and what they are and who they became circa 2015, after eroding for the 40-some years before that. This is not the party of Dwight Eisenhower or anybody remotely honorable. The GOP is now MAGA. It’s going to be a long time before they live down the disgrace.

Or, “they” may never live it down, meaning that a new conservative party will arise from the ashes after Trump has managed to burn the party completely to the ground. We don’t know. All of this is terra incognita.

The events of this week will be memorable. Trump could earn another asterisk behind his name as the first convicted felon to be on the ticket of a major political party — or a minor political party, for that matter. Maybe convicted felons running for office will soon be all the rage. The GOP doesn’t seem worried.

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  1. It sickens me that this jerk who behaves like a spoiled 14 year old once sat his lard ass behind the Resolute Desk and is on the ticket to do so again. If the GOP thinks they are going to have any power if he gets there again, they’re mistaken. The GQP will take over and once he takes a dirt nap, they’ll anoint one of his spawn, or one of the spouses.

  2. Von Shitshispants disgraces himself every day he is alive and has for most of his life-perhaps all of his life. More disgraceful however are his magat supporters and the absolute most disgraceful are the pols who support him ESPECIALLY after Jan 6th.



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