Down, down down the dark ladder goes Donald Trump, to the fate which he made for himself. He truly is a tragic figure, in the literary sense. In classical drama, the doomed protagonist dooms himself because of a fatal flaw in his character. So it is and has always been with Trump.

People who have known the man have pointed out his self-destructive impulses from an early age. He very well could have been a real multi billionaire, if he hadn’t squandered his inheritance but rather put it into solid stocks and just let it alone. But no, not him. Leaving well enough alone is not in Trump’s makeup. He has to get in and meddle and screw everything up but good. And now he’s really done it.

He stole 326 classified documents from the United States government and took them to his home. The penalty could be as much as five years for each document, so 326 times 5 = 1,630 years in prison. Damn. That’s the kind of evidence stacked up against him on the one side. On the other? He’s on right wing media complaining that the FBI “made me look like a slob” followed by, “my poll numbers have gone through the roof.”

If you go over to Truth Social right now, Trump’s latest conspiracy theory is brewing. He wants you to know that the fall guy and villain of the day is one Timothy Thibault, an FBI agent who resigned recently and who Trump has made the central villain of this drama, even though it’s been clearly established that the agent had nothing whatsoever to do with the Mar-a-Lago search warrant. Don Bongino devoted his show yesterday to vilifying Thibault. It, along with the interview you just heard a few clips from, is the clarion call today in right-wing media.

Here’s another clip which demonstrates the level of idiocy being used in an attempt to rebut the severity of the charges against Trump.

Meanwhile, #TrumpStoleTheDocs is trending on Twitter and it provides much needed comic relief, not to mention a lot of good information.

This is assuming he did declassify documents, which he did not, and which is not an instantaneous process — although both Trump and his crony Kash Patel would have you believe it is both instantaneous and metaphysical, that Trump can basically speak the word “declassified” over a box and wave his hand and voila, magic. The documents are declassified. Sorry, doesn’t work that way.

55 Top Secret documents, floating around a resort in Florida where it’s known that people coming in from the beach side are not checked out all that thoroughly by the Secret Service — at least according to Stephanie Grisham. And Grisham made that remark weeks before the phony heiress, a Ukraine woman posing as a relative of the Rothschild family was found to be spending a great deal of time at Mar-a-Lago.

I shudder to think how we may have already been compromised with this level of documentation being handled with this level of carelessness and who knows who walking around that club.



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  1. Remember when he wanted to import workers for Maga Lardo because Americans didn’t work hard enough? This at the same time denouncing immigrants and chained migration – after Melanoma’s parents got their citizenship.
    Can’t help wondering how many of his imported staff were undercover and how much access they all had to the closet and other hiding places.

    • That very thought crossed my mind. If I was writing this as a novel, I would make one of the Mar-a-Lago maids a KGB agent. Although, come to think of it, why bother? Trump probably sent Putin a number of Top Secret documents along with a box of chocolates.

    • Sorry, but the only thing that works for me is that traitor Tot and the rest of his treasonous family (well most of his family) and cronies in front of a firing squad after being convicted of the treasonous acts that we know that they have committed!!

      • Yeah, that might work for you (and let’s face it, a lot of us) but we don’t do that any more. It’d be something to behold, surely a holiday would be created for the event.

    • Not gonna happen. He’s part of the rich, powerful club known as ex-presidents. Count on disappointment. Funny how a criminal can break hundreds of laws, work with our enemy to steal an election, bury 4500 FBI tips to get a fellow rapist on the Supreme court, walk through two proven impeachments, sexually assault 20+ women we know about, plan & implement a violent insurrection, break numerous laws while in office & then steal top secret documents that already have gotten intelligence agents killed, disrespect & shit on the military at every turn, have unidentified agents from many different law enforcement agencies fire rubber bullets & teargas into a peaceful legal protest in Lafayette Park, give away top secrets to the russians in his office, destroy hundreds of children while deliberately violating asylum laws at the border separating even infants from their parents with no intention or system to reunite them, set about to destroy nato, stand with murderous dictators around the world, probably selling our secrets to them, and grift our government for tens of millions of dollars, AND HE’S STILL FREE TO RUN AGAIN. There’s more but why bother? This is already a corrupt country and has been from the jump. As the WHO sang long ago…” meet the new boss…same as the old boss.”

  2. As it is, this presidential campaign is no more! It has ceased to be! It’s expired and gone to meet its maker! It’s a stiff! If you hadn’t nailed it to the perch, it’d be pushing up the daisies! Its metabolic processes are now ’istory! It’s kicked the bucket, it’s shuffled off ’is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisible!! THIS IS AN EX-CAMPAIGN!!

    • So he claims the FBI portrayed him as a slob with a cluttered office? You mean like was said to be common back in his office in Trump Tower? Note all that crap on the desk, the windowsill behind him and Trump himself with his too long tie (a modern “look down at my dick” codpiece), the (typical for him) ill-fitting suit and those gigantic shoulder pads to try and make him look like a buff muscle guy if he was standing up straight. (photo credit: Diane Bondereff/Invision/AP images – sorry but I can’t get it to show up here but it’s at the bottom of my comment)

      I’ve seen too many pics of him on the golf course looking like he was wearing TWO sets of Depends so there’s that too.

      And formal wear? He was sooooo excited to meet the Queen and be feted at a full-blown White Tie dinner at Buckingham Palace, yet appeared looking so ridiculous in his attempt to be a “big boy” even Queen Elizabeth, arguably the most gracious of heads of state in my lifetime could only manage a grimace at having to be seen next to such a clown in such a formal setting. Instead of inserting a pic I’m putting up a link to a USA Today article noting the mockery Trump and his family got. Even Jared was fucked up looking. Proof that gobs of money can’t buy class. I stronly encourage you to scroll through the pics in the article even if you don’t want to read it. FYI, even a dumb hick from a small southern Illinois town knew long before I wound up living in the big city certain things about formal wear including White Tie. With White Tie, the waistcoat (that white vest that isn’t really a vest – only the front part is) is NOT supposed to show below the front of the tail coat. An inch of the shirtsleeve (just enough so that when the arm is bent one can see the person’s cufflinks) SHOULD show. Again, take a look at the Trump family. The world’s leaders literally laughed in his face years before, and I’ll bet there were howls of laughter in world capitols of both friends and foes over Trump’s buffoonery at Buckingham Palace:

      So please Donny Two-Scoops, spare us your whining about someone else making you look like a slob. You do that regularly all by yourself!

      trump office clutter

  3. That Charlie Kirk is either totally stupid or a complete asshole. Does he really believe all of that junk that he spouted out?

    • Miranda, if tRump’s “lawyers” had any brains, they’d go for the insanity plea. It could SO easily be proved that tRump is a malignant narcissist living in his own little fantasy world where saying “mine!” means it’s his and stealing top secret federal property is okay because…well, it’s “mine!” The man is so obviously nuts and his MAGA followers are going to be SO disappointed when they finally realize he’s a fraud.


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