Every GOP political event nowadays becomes memorable for the gaffe du jour of Donald Trump. A few days ago it was Ronny Johnson now it’s “clean fakes.” Clean fakes appear to be a variation of deep fakes and/or cheap fakes. But there is nothing that anybody else knows about called clean fakes. This is a Trump original. What makes this particularly comical is that Trump brags about knowing this when he’s putting down Joe Biden for being demented. Righto.

If you think the clean fakes are bad, wait until you get to the “mass thikit.” Sticky wicket, that thikit, don’t let anybody tell you different.

This next one is a dark vision. Trump predicts that police in other countries kill citizens in the streets. Wow. I wonder what wild conversations Junior has been repeating to him about his travels in Central America recently? Or, maybe simply in his own mind?

That’s a terrific idea. Just pick people off the street to be on the J6 Committee. And rest assured, this level of kakistocracy will be exactly what you see when and if Trump would get back into office.

Vivek’s star rose and set very quickly, you notice. This is how things would be in a second Trump term. A tale, told by a madman, full of sound and fury, and destroying the constitutional democracy in which we live. Look for Trump to be the Orange Queen (or burnt sienna these days) shouting “Off with his head” on a daily basis.

Eric Hovde and sharks is as good a place to leave as any. Hovde, you may recall, didn’t think that people who were up in age or in nursing homes should be able to vote. He seemed to confuse a nursing home or assisted living facility with hospice care, “they’re not going to live much longer.” That’s another Nazi trait, utter lack of compassion for the elderly. Hitler believed in blowing them away on a whim.

Societal mental illness is what you’re watching. That anybody would vote for this man is concerning. That tens of millions have and will again is horrifying. But it is what it is. Hopefully this third run will be his last. Maybe America can finally heal and the Republican party can finally regroup. Or, maybe the MAGAfied GOP will find somebody worse.


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  1. Seventy million paranoid schizophrenia being controlled by radio and TV antennas voted for Trump. The rest was only in it for the money.

      • Incorrect wording is not usually handled by the “Grammar Police.” (That force will likely be along to deal with your abominable “The rest was only” sentence which does fall within the Grammar Police’s purview.)

        “Schizophrenia” and “schizophrenics” are both nouns (at least, given your correction), the former referring to a medical and psychological condition and the latter referring to the people afflicted by that condition. (The singular form, “schizophrenic” can be both a noun and an adjective, depending on the context. “He’s a schizophrenic” would reflect use as a noun while “He’s schizophrenic” would reflect use as an adjective. The plural form–with the final “s”–is almost exclusively used as a noun.)

  2. A few comments on the Twitter feed (note, I do not feel it necessary to subject myself to stuff I know will make me puke–like the sound of Trump’s voice–so I didn’t watch any of the videos):

    In the one timestamped 4:02, Trump (for reasons probably known only to himself) wishes that Vivek Ramaswamy had been on the J6 Committee and then in the one timestamped 4:24, Trump basically derides Ramaswamy as “peanuts.” I wonder if Ramaswamy was in the audience or live-streaming and got all puffed up at 4:02 and then collapsed in tears a little more than 20 minutes later after being turned into a joke?

    In the one timestamped 4:08 about the kid in the T-shirt, I can’t really tell but that kid looks like a *kid*–as in “I’m not old enough to cast a ballot for anyone. He also appears to vanish from the video images after the 4:19 timestamped video. Maybe he did his “prop” duty bit for the day and went home? (Or he realized he was going to be late for his shift at McDonalds and didn’t need THAT hassle today?)

    The first part of Rupar’s video timestamped at 4:19 where he mentions Trump’s “Nazi logic” really deserves its own response. Mass deportation won’t possibly lower inflation or reduce housing costs. On the inflation point especially, food costs alone will skyrocket because the subjects of that “mass deportation” are largely the folks who work in the actual fields, harvesting those especially tender crops (like tomatoes and beans and squashes and melons) which can’t really survive most *mechanical* means. Just talk to the farmers who, even in the red states, literally rely on those migrants who are willing to work for hours on end for meager wages (and how many of them suffered in the past few years when those red-state governors declared proverbial war on “illegals” and so many of them fled the states so that crops were left rotting in the fields–for some reason, the farmers couldn’t find willing labor to go out and work for a few bucks a day). Sure, use prison labor (which means an increase in prison employees to make sure those prisoners don’t escape–and chain gangs just can’t work the fields quite as effectively as people who can move around on their own, especially when dealing with crops that may have a couple of good seasonal harvests in them) or maybe the GOP will just try to reinstitute slavery (then we can watch as the Black GOPers find themselves shackled to the Black Democrats and try to survive the experience). As for housing costs, I really doubt many of the people who’d be subject to “mass deportation” are living in the kinds of “housing” that are causing the rise in housing costs. Of course, what would Trump really know about housing costs? He and his dad were slumlords; they just raised rents on a whim even as the apartment walls and floors were cracking and the pipes were rusting and cracking, essentially daring the tenants to complain (all that had to be done was a few minor repairs then jack up the rent to cover the “improvements” and the complaining families got kicked out because they couldn’t afford the place). Also, housing costs depend on available land. People who own property–especially property that would be “desirable” for housing purposes–sell that land when they think they can get the best cost for it. If a zoning board decrees an area is suitable for business or commercial use rather than residential, then that land is off the housing market (for some odd reason, municipalities and states seem to think that letting a car company buy up and develop 100 acres is a better deal than setting the area aside for future housing–meanwhile the car company gets years, even decades, of tax abatements on all levels). For the most part, the people that Trump would love to deport are most likely living in cramped apartments or in run-down neighborhoods while the folks who fled to the suburbs decades ago but still work in the city don’t seem all that enthused about moving closer to their workplaces (for some reason, they’d rather commute than move closer) even if a neighborhood closer to their work did suddenly “revitalize” (because that’s just fancy real estate language for “buy land for a dime, sell land for a hundred bucks”); sure, they might save the cost of the commute but they’d end up paying higher property taxes (funny how people hate paying the tax based on the property’s value but they turn around and complain that their property isn’t being appraised correctly).


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