It’s no secret certainly that Donald Trump is not the most astute knife in the drawer but this is pretty far off base even for him. Trump spoke briefly with Sean Hannity yesterday, which is the first time he’s come out of his sealed bubble at Mar-a-Lago for over two weeks now. Trump is hiding out right now and it’s becoming pretty obvious why that is: he doesn’t have the stomach for the contest which is soon to come. He dreads each and every step of it.

Now we can dissect this into Trump-speak fairly easily: 1. Hunter is not calling any shots. This is a clear projection from Trump of how he does things. His children are given things to do in his world. Trump had Jared and Ivanka figuring out the job of president from the West Wing when he was elected in 2016. Joe Biden doesn’t need anybody to figure out government for him. 2. The idea that the media is somehow “sheltering” or “coddling” Biden would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad. The media eats Biden alive daily. He’s their favorite appetizer, entree, and dessert.

Trump is in a sad position these days. He’s got Project 2025 blowing up around him. He’s not winning any popularity contests. The polls are basically all within the margin of statistical error and are essentially useless. So Trump is out of gas.

Next week he needs to stop golfing for a few days and show up in Milwaukee. I’m sure he’s dreading it. He doesn’t want to be in the position he is now. He’s forced to be there because getting elected is his best and only shot at dismissing all of the lawsuits against him.

So show up he will. It will be very interesting to see who he chooses to be his vice president. That will say a lot. He was boasting a few weeks back that he knew, personally, who the choice was but that he hadn’t shared his choice with the candidate yet. The interesting thing here is that the person Trump chooses is going to be the presumptive heir to MAGA.

If that’s the case, Doug Burgum is not a good idea. Burgum is not from the MAGA mold. J.D. Vance is. So maybe that’s how that particular cookie will crumble. We can only sit here and watch and we won’t need to do that for very long.


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  1. If we still had real journalism in the country, Von Shitzinpants would never have been elected in 2016. Hell, he wouldn’t have gotten nominated. The lack of real journalism meant the truth about him was rarely, maybe never, brought up. His lack of business acumen, lying, cheating, stealing, and all the rest of it would have been well known to the voting public and Cruz or Rubio likely would have be nominated-maybe even jeb. There is a finger to be pointed when asking why we are dealing with this threat to our nation and it points to the msm–they failed to do their jobs and so failed their country…and are still failing it.

      • It’s kind of a tip off that he couldn’t carry his home state. Even worse, he couldn’t carry his home town because we all.knew he was a con artist, a rapist,an incompetent .business man,and a general waste of oxygen.

  2. I believe the reason stinky pants has been hiding out is so that the media doesn’t focus on HIS apparent mental disabilities. His handlers are keeping him low because they know he’ll start rambling about sharks, windmills and Hannibal Lechter and remind the public about just how off the rails HE is.

    • He’s going to have to get out more. And when he does, he’s sure to have a meltdown or two, or three or four.

    • What?!? His “performance” at the “debate” wasn’t enough? The MSM completely ignored all of that shit!

      Can’t wait for the R convention. He gets full coverage of his hallucinations. Oh, boy.

  3. I am sorry :;ROTFLMAO:: when I heard that video! They really need to have him tested and examined. That man is NOT WELL. His mind has gone the way of the dinosaurs.

  4. Yep! You tell 600+ outrageous lies…crickets. Joe sounds hoarse and hesitates in his responses…600+ articles pronouncing him DOA. I can see how poorly you’re treated by the billionaire class.



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