Trump autographs photos of murder victims


In an attempt to justify his inhumane policy of separating families at the border, Trump hosted an event Friday with “Angel Families” whose relatives have been killed by undocumented immigrants. Trump stood with what he, not surprisingly given the made-for-TV nature of this event, called the “permanently separated” families. Each family member held a picture of the victim, each with the signature of Donald Trump. CNBC:

There were 11 photos total being held up by family members who had lost loved ones, and all of the photos bore Trump’s unmistakably scrawled signature in large-tipped black pen.

Autographing the photos was an unusual decision, in that it appeared to combine the celebrity element of an autograph with the solemn image of a dead loved one.

After again slamming the Democrats and claiming that stories of family separations were “phony”, he made even more bizarre comments. He remarked that the law enforcement officers in attendance were “good looking people”. And then he held up the photograph of one victim and said he resembles “Tom Selleck,” then joked “except better looking.” Watch:

What kind of lunatic treats a ceremony about the victims of violence like a charity auction, like we an all bid on giant celebrity-signed photos and then jokes about a deceased victim looking like the still very much alive celebrity Tom Selleck? Sadly, the kind of lunatic who is also the president of the United States.

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