This is just breaking at approximately 7:30 p.m. Pacific, Sunday night. I mention the time because screenshots are being taken and the original links will be destroyed by the Trump campaign once this starts to roll — or so it has been predicted.

Donald Trump is paying a whopping $10 a head, for the honor of packing into an auditorium and risking death by COVID-19.

I would venture to say that they would, wouldn’t you? What is interesting about this, is that the more things change, the more they are the same. Trump used the services of extras from an agency called The Extra Mile, in Manhattan, to cheer him on when he made his epic descent down the escalator, and America began it’s plunge into the toilet, little did we know. We were so much more innocent then. How we all have aged in the past four and a half years.

UPDATE X1 2:30 p.m. PDT This story is being challenged, because PolitiFact deemed a similar story, in 2019, to be incorrect. They have not weighed in on this story. Snopes has weighed in with “Unproven” meaning that at this time, they can’t say definitively if it’s true or false. I will stay on top of this because the last thing in the world I want to do is broadcast fake news. If anybody finds out anything, please share it with us here, or send me an email. Thank you. Ursula

UPDATE X2 4:15 p.m. PDT PolitiFact says that the Trump campaign says it didn’t post the ad and that there is a history of these hoaxes. However, you can fact check that The Extra Mile, an agency that provides extras, sent people to cheer for Trump when he announced his candidacy, according to the Hollywood Reporter. So it’s not like these hoaxes are coming up out of the blue. Trump got the ball rolling himself. Hit the link.



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  1. That’s why when there are people at other public events, he will say they are paid actors. Usually it’s George Soros the alleged sponsor of such events.

  2. That wouldn’t be anywhere enough for me to go hold a sign, not with the risk of (1) cops; (2) COVID-19; and (3) white supremacists, probably armed.

    • Where are you getting this figure? Originally Trump said it was 200K who registered, then Parscale upped it to 300K. But 800K, twice the population of Tulsa, I haven’t seen.

        • You probably read my piece the other day, where I compared his figures to a sub plot in a Douglas Adams book, the Improbability Drive, all that? 800K when the population of Tulsa is half that. Wow.

          • Yeah, but Trump doesn’t know what the population of Tulsa is and when Parscale tells him this, Parscale will be in his good graces again.

  3. Sooo very sad what has happened to the United States; depressing, disappointed, discouraged, but most of all lost Hope for this particular
    experiment in Democracy.

    We did not consider one of the deadly sins -Greed .

    We must do better next time.

    • Pfft…profoundly cynical I may be, but these three weeks have given me more hope than ever. What you’re really mourning was your illusions of what came before. It’s best to let those go…they were never real in the first place. Ask some of those minorities Trump’s people want to hire with this sign nonsense if you think otherwise.

    • NOV 2016
      Mary L Trump
      This is one of the worst nights of my life. What is wrong with this country? I fear the American experiment has failed.

      • Coming from someone who was never a member of those minorities I was talking about, I give that howl of despair from four years ago the disrespect it deserves for its profound myopia.

      • Yes they wouldn’t have to advertise for protesters. Those people will show up on their own. Trump has to advertise for friends. And I wonder how many people have responded to his goofy rally rules. The ones that do are the ones you have to worry about. Which brings a thought to mind. If he had overwhelming projected attendance why would he need people to stand outside. 20K goes into 300K several times.

  4. Facepalm…further proof–as if any were needed–that this reelection campaign is being run on the cheap by grifters. Those are the kind of postings and wages I used to see on Guru all the time.

  5. Well, this is a bit different. I mean, actually taking to Craigslist to hire real people while restaurants have been using mannequins to “fill” the seats and tables (partly to make actual patrons feel the place isn’t “empty” and partly to contend with social distancing guidelines) and ball parks have been using mannequins–and other “dolls” (if you get my meaning)–to fill the stands.

    I’m surprised the Trump team didn’t just get a bunch of “colored” store mannequins (that could be posed with the signs) to make the crowd look more “diverse” but, I suppose, as they want the people to look “excited and enthusiastic,” this was better than what Trump probably had to be talked down from: Putting a bunch of MAGAts in blackface and brownface. (I’m sure no one would’ve been shocked at Trump actually trying to do just that.)

    • You guys just aren’t getting it…you’re underestimating the average American…again….only this time, you’ve gone too far. If I was within 300 miles of the rally, I would go, and take my kids, and parents…and stand the fuck outside if need be.

      • I’m getting it fine, thank you very much. And if you were foolish enough to get THAT close to THAT much COVID 19, I’d hope you’d have a better reason than feeding Trump’s ego.

        • Yes, my thoughts exactly. I wouldn’t expose my family to that toxic environment if all I had to do is walk a couple blocks to get there. My stance on trump is I wouldn’t walk across the street to piss on him if he was on fire.

      • And just who do you think is the “average American”? The loud minority who thinks it’s the majority? Or the real Americans who actually use facts to make decisions?

  6. Well having to pay someone to be your friend is not really a big thing. I know trump has had to pay women to be his friend for years. That’s been his main way to get close to his women at least for an hour or two.

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