Maybe we’ve brought this upon ourselves, friends. We’ve all been saying that it would be nice if the GOP cobbled together, you know, a platform, a set of policies, maybe even a mission statement or two? Like a real political party.

And we have also been saying that Donald Trump’s act is old and stale. He can’t get the same mileage he used to out of calling women horsefaced, ugly or talking about hordes of rapists and murderers surging over the border. We’ve heard it all.

And perhaps Trump has heard us. Because there is a trend on Truth Social. Trump is talking about doomsday. Yes, the end. The sheer cessation of existence. This is from February 17.

This missive was pretty much ignored, as so much of what Trump brays these days is, because it’s so utterly wrong. Most people know how tariffs work and they don’t work the way Trump lied to the MAGAs about. Tariffs are a tax, not a check request that goes out to another country, in this instance, China, and they send in huge deposits to the treasury.

But the penultimate line is interesting, “Our Country does not have long to live or even survive.” What’s up with that?

And he did it again a few hours ago. This time he was specific.

And he’s not the only one. You’ll love this. Marge Greene also jumped on the WWIII bandwagon.

No, I don’t know how Marge is going to prevent WWIII from ever happening. I was just going to ask you.

Marge will take your money and

  1. Begin tunneling out underground shelters;
  2. Give it to Jim Bakker so he can cater WWIII with his tubs of pancake mix;
  3. Repair what’s left of the Georgia Guidestones and put together dogma for her own survivalist cult;
  4. Partner up with Kevin McCarthy in the geiger counter business. Word on the street is there’s a real future in those;
  5. Produce a documentary called, “Bend Over and Kiss Your Ass Goodbye,” complete with illustrations and instructions on how to stop worrying and party hearty on the last day of the world.

So where are we now, friends? Oh, yes. It’s the evening of February 20, in the Year Of Our Lord, 2023, and key figures in the Republican party want you to know that the end is near, or as Jim Morrison put it, it’s “time to get your kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames.” Don’t worry, the GOP will protect you. Marge and the Marmalade MAGAt, for sure.

Speaking of Jim Morrison, here is The End, performed in 1967 in Toronto. I still miss you, Jim. For me, the day you went was the day the music died.

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  1. For me, while Trump was in the WH the song that kept playing in my head was one by an underground Chicago rock group – The Fugs. Yes, they had some humorous stuff but they were mainly a protest rock group even if some of the songs injected some satire for levity. But in one song they really let it rip. It’s acid rock type music and the recordings of it are so bad you can’t understand much of the lyrics but the one that’s the title of the song comes through loud and clear: Four minutes to twelve, and there’s a madman at the wheel.” The combination of those words and the concert level volume of the harsh acid rock music was I think the perfect descriptor of the Trump Presidency. Only I think the Doomsday Clock was much closer than four minutes to midnight.

  2. The guy that was willing to give Putin, NK, and China what they wanted, regardless of the people in the countries he wanted to give away, is accusing Biden of being a warmonger?


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