I never thought I would feel sorry for Kyle Rittenhouse but I find that I almost am. I’ll tell you why. Most of us can live down the mistakes of our youth but some of us are forever defined by them and he’s the poster child for the latter concept. He stupidly and arrogantly got his dingbat mother to cross state lines, where he then proceeded to shoot two men to death and then got off on self defense. In so doing he became a MAGA folk hero and therein lies the problem. All he is, in truth, is a punk who managed to get away with murder, literally. But he keeps chasing this ephemeral dream that somehow he is more. His (mis)deeds are about more. Somehow he represents a higher truth. No, he does not. He’s just a punk who got away with murder and is trying to parlay that fact into a career. He hasn’t been successful but here’s the latest foray down the path of futility.

In all truth, he would be better of working at a Big Boy — or anywhere. There was talk for a while of Rittenhouse going to college. If that has taken place I don’t know about it. That’s what he needs to do, is put his ridiculous past behind him and build a life. But you don’t see him doing that. You see this infantile embrace of guns and being a tough guy and again, trying to parlay his not guilty verdict into something that it’s not.

The murder case was decided in his favor. I suspect that the rationale was that a 17-year-old boy shouldn’t have his life determined by one ill advised act. Maybe that’s true. It certainly sounds reasonable. But instead, what has happened is that Rittenhouse is like a fly in amber. He’s stuck in time.

See, what happened here is that he was too young to have much of an identity and then becoming a MAGA folk hero went totally to his head and that’s all he knows how to do. That’s all he knows how to be. But the plain fact of the matter is that “MAGA Folk Hero” isn’t much of a job classification, unless you’re Marjorie Taylor Greene or Lauren Boebert and it’s attached to a congressional seat with a six-figure income.

So maybe that’s what Rittenhouse needs to do. He’ll be 24 years old in a few more years and he can run for Congress on the basis of being a MAGA folk hero. Either that, or figure out how to live in the real world and it doesn’t look like he’s making much progress with that agenda, if indeed that’s even a path he’s decided to pursue. Working 40 hours a week at a normal job just isn’t glamorous, let’s face it, nobody asks for your autograph and I doubt he could bring his gun to work with him.

As much of a stunted personality as Rittenhouse is, I do almost feel sorry for him. He’s so enamored of this utterly bullshit identity of big tough guy and gun hero and it’s going absolutely nowhere for him. And I don’t know if he’ll ever wake up to that. Some people never do.

I can see a middle aged version of Rittenhouse as a kind of Baby Jane character. He’ll be forever trying to recapture the dark magic of a violent transitory incident in his life, which at the time seemed so definitional and so right, but turned out to be nothing but a passing moment. Two human lives were snuffed out due to his misguided machismo and he’s refusing to move on from it and grow up. He wants to forever be the star of MAGA that he was for a few months when defense donations were pouring in and he was a big shot.

The guy is tragic. Just keep an eye on him as the years go by and see what happens. I don’t think he’s going to develop. I think this is it, what you’re seeing here. This is the whole deal. A macho adolescent, forever caught in trying to relive a tragedy and be a big shot. To be honest, I would not be surprised to see him go shoot somebody else. In fact, I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t, only this time he’ll be on the FO portion of FAFO.

The poor sick, sad, son of a bitch.


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  1. Well Kyle, come on down to the Raleigh area. I, and at least one other veteran I know in the suburbs would be happy to see you try your stuff. Of course, you’ll wind up with your assault rifle stuff up your ass sideways but yeah. Come on down and try to play Rambo.

    • Looking at his shooting posture, he needs some lessons on how to use/shoot a firearm. Badly. If he were to shoot any rifle/shotgun with some power in it he’d fall on his ass. The US military would either train him out of that injury waiting to happen or drum him out of the military (I suspect the latter and that within one week of him arriving at boot camp).

  2. “So maybe that’s what Rittenhouse needs to do. He’ll be 24 years old in a few more years and he can run for Congress on the basis of being a MAGA folk hero.”

    As long as he turns 25 by the time Congress is sworn in, he can run at 24. The Constitution requires a member of the House to be a minimum of 25 years old. A lot of people generally assume you have to be the minimum age for the office when you run but all that’s required is you be that age when you take the oath of office. And, I believe some leeway is actually allowed so that if you turn the minimum age within a month of the date that you’re supposed to take the oath, you can still be elected BUT you cannot take the oath until you reach that age. For example, someone has a birthday on January 28th and they run for President and, on Election Day, they’re 34. They can still be elected President but they can’t actually take the oath as President until January 28th; for the period from January 20th to the 28th, the VP acts as President. But, that’s a major reason people tend to ensure they’ve had that minimum age birthday before even running for the office–just to avoid that little nitpicky delay in taking the oath. (It should be noted that someone who’s appointed to fill a vacancy MUST be the minimum age at the time of appointment.)

  3. Ya know, Ursula, this poor, sad, pathetic punk is so useless he’s not even trying to be a better punk. No steroids, no weightlifting, absolutely zero muscle definition. He still has his baby fat and that baby face he scrunches up with fake tears when he is challenged. He is an embarrassment to mama’s boy punks everywhere!

  4. rittenhouse is the prime example of why one ill-advised act should determine the next 20+ years of your life. If the rationale behind the jury’s decision was that he learned his lesson and needs the opportunity to straighten up and fly right, they were not being particularly rational. Of course, had rittenhouse been a p.o.c., this would be a whole different story now wouldn’t it? Pretty sure that jury would have thrown a p.o.c. into the pen and lost the key.


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